Acceleration Radio – Pastor Paul Begley – Blood Moon!

L.A. weighs in on Whoopi’s intolerance, gender “confusion, more UFO disclosure on Tucker Carlson and tension in the Golan.

He then interviews Pastor Paul Begley about the BLOOD MOON this Friday.

3 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Pastor Paul Begley – Blood Moon!

  1. Good morning!
    I love your interview with Pastor Begley, especially the part about the grape harvest. I’m looking forward to going home.
    Thanks for all the work you do. I try to listen to you faithfully.

  2. Hello, Mr. Marzulli. My name is Sonja Gail Hoilman. (I go by Gail.) I have about three things. I’ll try not to write a book. Lol!First, I live in Newland, NC not too far from Rings and Things in Burnsville.  After hearing from Fritz’ cousin about your visit a couple of years ago, I looked up your video about the stone pipe Fritz has and went to see it. He has some fascinating artifacts. He said that you did some scrapings from the pipe for carbon dating. Do you have the results? He said that he didn’t and I was curious what the results might be.Also, we have a phenoman locally called The Brown Mountain Lights. Scientists have studied them but don’t really know what they are. They say that they are probably balls of gas floating around. I haven’t looked up any info on them recently. Just wondered if you have heard of them and know anything about them. Tommy Faile, a former local t.v. personality from Charlotte, sang a ballad about them when I was a child. I have always thought that they are supranatural.and I don’t think they are confined just to Brown Mountain where they are most often seen in October.Third, I have seen strange lights in the sky, a cigar-shaped craft over an area in Elizabethton, TN, was followed several times by a Christmas-tree-shaped craft in the early ’80’s which may just have been a Harrier jet in its early phases. I have struggled with and been awaked by strange “dreams” since I was a child. Have had the paralysis once and have woken to the sense of being levitated. I don’t think I have ever been abducted. I always use spiritual warfare against them. They do try to freeze you and sometimes all you can do is rebuke them mentally in Jesus’ Name. I have always sensed Jehovah God’s Presence since I can remember and even before I was born again. As I have matured in Christ, I believe that I am here for such a time as this . . . to be a spiritual warrior/an endtime handmaiden of THE LORD! Blessings and Jesus’ blood hedge of protection around you, your family and your ministry! 💞

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  3. L.A. I began UFO stuff with “Intruders in “Copley woods” however not doubtful but short of spaying them with Jingos  don’t know what difference my thoughts will accomplish. Appreciate however your bring awareness about.

    May God bless

    Bob Urbanek

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