The Absurdity of The Left Wing Media

Why is Hillary Clinton allowed to buy the Steele dossier from Russia, make a fortune off the Uranium One deal, & receive $400 million dollars from Browder, but President Trump isn’t allowed to meet with Russia?

President Donald J. Trump

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L. A. Marzulli
The mainstream media has gone off the rails! The so-called pundits at CNN are having a major hissy fit. Shouts and accusations of treason echo in the halls of power! Why? Because our president is really smart and he knows what’s at stake when it comes to Russia. He knows that it’s better to mend the fences with Russia and try to create a productive dialogue with Putin than act tough and distant.
In all my 67 years on this planet, I’ve never seen the vitriol directed against a president like what’s being directed to The Donald. Last night on Tucker Carlson he had a Democratic congressman on who originally called Trumps Russian summit treasonous. Tucker held his feet to the fire and made the guy look like the idiot and democratic shill that he is. The Congressman walked back his comments and looked like a complete fool…
President Trump is 100% correct when he states that Clinton and the DNC created the phony dossier which is the center of the bogus Russian investigation!
Trump then refers to Uranium 1, where the Clintons made millions! Congress needs to act and our media needs a complete overhaul!
In closing today’s rant. The real investigation should be how the DNC and Wasserman-Shultz rigged the election for Hillary in the Democratic primaries.
The real investigation should be about the Pakistani man who fled the country with Wasserman-Schultz’s computer information.
The real investigation should be looking into the murder of Seth Rich.
The real investigation should be looking into Uranium 1 where the Clinton’s were instrumental in selling our uranium to the RUSSIANS!
I proudly stand and support our president as we finally have an executive in the Whitehouse rather than a community organizer who doubled our national debt, weakened our military, kow-towed to the King of Saudi Arabia, and “led from behind.” Yet “O” gets a pass? Are you kidding me!!!
PUSH BACK against the media bias with the truth!!!

8 thoughts on “The Absurdity of The Left Wing Media

  1. I could not agree more. The leftists and liberals are sin sick as mentioned in Isaiah.

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  2. Ditto to that LA!
    2 Thessalonians speaks of God sending people a great delusion during the end times.
    I don’t see how He will need to send a delusion as too many people already have a delusion!

  3. The liberals want to keep the phoney Russian narrative alive until the November elections. Meanwhile San Francisco is encouraging actual voter fraud by letting illegals vote in their local elections. This is why the electoral college is so important, to buffer against actual interference in national elections by the left.

  4. To answer your vent in the first paragraph – it’s all outlined in Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” which I started re reading for the 4th time since I bought it years ago. (I can’t believe what it’s being sold for now on Amazon – 200+$)

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