Prayer Changes Things…

People get sick. It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one contract cancer or some other disease.

Prayer can change the atmosphere. Prayer can change everything. Please pray…

Please pray for Doc Marque. He’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

For Caroline. Diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Jane – my sister-in-law. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and has undergone all the chemo and radiation she can be administered to. Pray for forgiveness and salvation.

Judy – In Hospice care and isn’t expected to be here much longer. Stage 4 cancer. She knows the Lord.

S. – For deliverance. I will be praying with him today. Please lift him up.



7 thoughts on “Prayer Changes Things…

  1. I will keep them in prayer. God holds all power to heal them, through miracle or nature.
    Please research Turmeric and Black Seed Oil for cancer.. it has worked for many who were terminal..

  2. Praying today, brother! If I can be an encouragement to them, please let me know. I will gladly help!

  3. Yes, I’ll pray for healing for your friends. My husband had stage 4 inoperable cancer and after 14 rounds of chemo which did not keep it away, we knew we needed to find something better. We found natural remedies that restored his health! He’s written a book to help others find healing the natural way too! Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys by B. Mark Anderson. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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