Michigan Conference!!! NEXT THURSDAY!!! 7-12-18

Host: Apostle-Pastor Pedro Valdez and Prophetess-Pastor Shirley Valdez

3000 W. Beecher Road, P. O. Box 944, Adrian, MI  49221

For More Information:  (517) 265-3864

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    My name is, Mark. I am like many of you who were lost, who had no clue as to the real truth in the world. That there is a great evil here and it seeks to destroy us, it seeks to devour the very being of whom created you. The one whom created us, is God The Father Almighty, and there is our Anointed One, our Messiah. The Son, of the Living God, Jesus/YESHUA. He is a love, that can open our lives, to a love so pure, so real, so unforgettable. Here are a couple of testimonies, of my family and self and how the Lord God Almighty delivered us from evil and protect us from the evil one. Praise be God!

    Alright, I must share this testimony from June 15, 2018. I was in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot, with my family. I had my elbow out of the window and it was about dusk. I all of a sudden felt this weird heat on my arm and smelled a scent that was not the typical demonic scent. I then saw a strange light green, light coming into our vehicle. I looked around and saw The Star like things, I that I see at night flashing different colors, very rapidly and it was about a couple of hundred feet away or more. I then rebuked it in the name if the Lord and it shot back into the atmosphere, fast. I then saw the enemy around us, keeping their distance. They would honk or flash their lights at each other. So were the star like things, but they followed us everywhere we went, creeping low like helicopters, but they definitely were not helicopters. As we were driving, each light post and street light we went past would turn off and turn back on, immediately as we drove past it. Knowing by sensing and seeing this star like thing, which I know are the “Watchers” was doing this to the light’s, really made me focus onto the reality of this threat and how bad it was trying to take us out. From the sky to the enemy, on the ground we were in a fight for our lives. I saw them in human form that were on the ground and driving regular vehicles. As I was driving to my brothers, and praying they shot something at my face and it was like a sticky web like feel to it, that if touched with my other hand, the residual effect, would be attached to whatever I touched. If that makes sense. My eyelid and cheekbone felt like the muscle had no control to it. I ignored it and still kept driving. It’s as if I could see a white glowing substance on my hand from touching it. Anyways, the vehicles, I knew were the “bad guys” as our children call them. They followed us all the way to the otherside of town. I arrived at my siblings house and prayed with him. I confessed openly anything I may have done to offend the Lord and spoke about the Lord to my sibling, in doing so I felt my entire body fill up and light up, like a light bulb. I felt as if I was glowing strong. I went outside and knew the things in the sky would be way in the atmosphere and sure enough they were. I praised the Lord and thanked Him. As we were driving I prayed to the Lord if it be His will, to dispatch an assignment of holy battle angels to our aid and as soon as I said, Amen, they arrived zipping up to a red light at the opposite side if the road and and one smiled and nodded at me, and as if saying “we’re here”. As my family and I drove home, 2 enemy vehicles pulled along us and it’s as if they couldn’t stand being next to us. Then a black car came zipping up and I felt myself centered with the Lord and start to light up again, if that makes sense. The black car hugged the left shoulder lane and couldn’t stand to be next to us and it drove ahead cutting the other enemy vehicles off, just to get away. At that moment, there were 3 enemy vehicles in front of ours and I said,the Lord’s name. JESUS! At that very moment, all 3 vehicles were heaved forward as if something grabbed all 3 at the same exact time and shoved them forward, away from us. I looked at my daughter as she looked at me smiling in amazement, and I said His mighty and precious name again, JESUS! Again, they were heaved forward as if getting shoved ahead, all three at the exact same time. I then said His name again and and again the same thing. I then said, His name several more time’s and they went studdering down the road and couldn’t get away fast enough. The second I let up, they were gone and flew around corners to get away. My daughter and family were in ahh and praising the Lord. I know by no means, of my works but His and all glory to You my Lord. I am only here to testify of His works. The feeling I felt, the nasty tain, from that thing that was flashing various colors. Others call them whatever they want, but I have a pretty good idea of who they are or what they are, to say the least. I can explain a different encounter with this star like thing in a future testimony, but it’s time to let the world know. I thank You, heavenly Father for protecting my family and self. I give all praise and love to You. Thank you, my God and King. Glory be to the Lord God Almighty and the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Holy Spirit for filling me with Your fire. God, YOU ARE AMAZING. PRAISE THE LORD!!! RAISE THE BANNER OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

    My wife and I found actual video footage of “alien/demonic” activity, that I do not remember taking. I recall the night of the video’s, but nothing about taking them, or what had happened. My wife and I were jaw dropped as we watched them. We were looking through my Google photos and reminiscing about our children and that’s when we found them. My phone was synced to my Google photos, anytime a video or photo is taken, it appears there for storage and can not be deleted unless I do it manually on the site. On my phone, the photo’s were no where to be found. There are 2 video’s. At first we thought alien’s and we felt so helpless because out children were going through this. All the symptoms and common talked signs of abductions. Then God, showed us, what we were dealing with. For some reason, He has allowed me to still have these video’s and the picture’s and other video’s I have. I feel it is one last lifeline to show the world, a world that needs to believe to see and see to believe. To prove to the world, that the things that are going on and to come are not what we think or are lead to believe. That goes with the “Great Deception”. We have experienced a lot and we need to tell the world and show the world. My wife is 90% blind in her left eye, from a demon that tried to kill her and children in our vehicle. It tried to grab my daughter and she covered her and it grabbed my wife. She was paralyzed and half of her body turned yellow on her left side. My girls were crying and we could feel the heat from this thing and it smelled like burnt batteries. I called upon, God to intercede as I repented for all my sins. It then released her after begging God not to let this thing take her. My wife said, the feeling she felt when she was grabbed by this, was that she was fading away. We went to the eye doctor the 3 days later because she couldn’t see out of that eye, only shadows and shapes. The eye doctor rushed her set up an emergency surgery appointment because both of retinas had holes in them, like a 70 year old with severe glaucoma and her left eye was detached. They did 2 different surgeries and she is now limited to 10% of sight in that eye. We were told by the Catholic Diocese, that we were their most extreme cases they ever dealt with. We told them all that was going on in various meetings and the scripture we were told and shown in the heavens and things that we were seeing and dealing with.
    We had no idea of what the Chosen elect were. We were not practicing Catholics. We were baptized Catholics, but we’re not going to church. Our children were baptized and went to church here and there. I never read the Bible as I do now and never made it past Genesis, if that can give you a idea. We had no idea of the name chosen elect, until it was made known to us. We we’re living in De Pere, Wisconsin at this time, when we we’re about to be attacked by the enemy. My wife asked me to call upon Father, the Lord God Almighty, as I was mowing our lawn. We saw a dark swarm coming and as dark clouds of locust, they weren’t cloud level swarms, but tree level. We then knew for certain that they had found us again. All of a sudden we saw angels appear and a huge battle happen right in front our eyes. We A lot had happened at this time, so what I will go in detail about, is seeing the Lord Jesus in the clouds and then descend to us in a human sized ball of light, that both my wife and self were seeing and speaking to. We were both on fire so to speak and couldn’t move as the ball of light spoke to us, all three of us were in communication at the same time hearing each other’s thoughts of what we spoke as we were one. Each time the ball of light spoke to us the outside of it vibrated with each word spoken. Like a huge ring around the circle of it. This is when we found out were told that we are his chosen elect, that we are predestined before the foundation of the world that we are justified. Feeling ourselves on fire a heat that was all around us, it wasn’t painful but tolerable. After this, my wife was jumping around as she is saying to me with excitement”do you know who are”? Saying with joy we are God’s children we are his family, we belong to Jesus and I’m with joy, shocked and with amazement saying but yeah, but why us, grateful and with all humility saying “we’re nobody” not seeing yet of how much He loves us.
    On January 1st, we had a meeting with the Diocese and on a day that they were not open, they finally confirmed that what we have been shown and told was from the Most High. That we weren’t being influenced by antichrist spirits or religious spirits. It was nice to hear that they knew what we were saying was from, God. Not that we needed that affirmation. We appreciate all they helped us with, but were shown the TRUTH, guided by the Holy Spirit and protected by God the Father Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing that we are the “CHURCH”. We have been through a lot. PRAISE THE LORD

    When I was baptized by the Holy Spirit, I did not speak in tongues, if I did… I do not recall, but I am sure I would have remembered. The tongues is least of the gifts received when baptized. I know during the intense warfare myself and family went through, with the authority of Our Lord, I have melted the enemy down into a puddle of glowing white stench of goo. This happened before I was baptized by the Holy Spirit. I was able to inflict damage to the enemy in the name of the Lord, while I was not hurt, or burned as I could remember. Felt them spitting or peeing on me, but I was protected from their fiery grasps. Praise the Lord.Thank you, Lord. Unfortunately my family was feeling it and I would have traded that for them. Breaking the shields of witch’s and their friends, in the name of the Lord, by destroying their boxes, made them susceptible to blessed salt, Holy Water or blessed oil. I thought all that was make believe, until one was in astral in our vehicle and my wife and I destroyed it’s shield and I sprayed it with Holy water and we heard the most gut curdling, painful scream, come from the distance, right after we pulled over. Knowing that it felt that, and we knew the Lord was with us. People can say what they want, about Holy Water and blessed salt, chalk or oil, we’ve seen it work when we had no clue, as to how to use it, or what for but were guided and lead by the Holy Spirit and FAITH. What we have learned, is all of “man’s religion” is wrong in trying to get what the Lord, is showing the world, and individually in religion, they all have a piece of it right, to wage warfare with the tools they use, and collectively with FAITH, thats where they get it right, if that makes sense. But religion as a whole, has it all wrong. We didn’t idolize any of the weapons at our disposal, but utilized them, letting this be known. What we realized was that it wasn’t any of the the stuff we used for warfare but as in (1John 4:4) “He who is in us, is greater than he whom is in the world.” We saw it as training wheels, or “boot camp” until we were stronger in faith and more knowledgeable. We did realize they can be utilized during warfare. Of course the strongest weapon is prayer. I explained all this, because I was able to use the gifts of the Lord, before I was baptized by the Holy Spirit.

    We Are One…

    I had a dream that had, Jesus on the cross. We were on a mountain. There was a huge valley below. I was in front of Him, and I was wearing shiny silver armor, on my chest and something very long and bright white underneath. I had a sword, that was between my legs as if I was on guard facing the valley. My back was facing the Lord, and I could see the Lord, in my mind, as if I was staring at, Him. I had my hands on the hilt of the sword as it was pointing towards the ground. A football fields length away, there was a black, empty void, of evil. It was like a huge wall of evil cloud. It was coming towards us and it told me in my mind, to step aside. My right arm extended and my finger pointed at it, with no hesitation and the most powerful, deep, commanding, thunderous voice, boomed out of my mouth, ”WEEEEEEE ARRRRRRRRE ONNNNNNNNNE!” I, immediately opened my eyes, because the voice was so powerful and the second, I became conscious, I heard the same powerful voice saying… ”ONNNNNNNNNNE!” as I, was sitting up in my bed pointing at my wall and the walls vibrating. My wife was awakened and heard the voice coming out of me. There is no possible way for a human, to make that tone and sound. I found out in scripture….

    ****… that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” (John **17:21**-23)****

    I never knew the word then, as I am learning now. I was awakened to see the truth and He, is the truth. I was reborn of the Spirit on November 25, 2016. It was an amazing feeling and a heavenly scent, I will never forget. I have felt the HOLY SPIRIT tingle and my hairs rise on my body before, but not like this. I felt love, a love so perfect and pure. A love so divine and beautiful that I pray I never forget. It filled my entire body, every molecule of my very being. I smelled a scent of purity, if that makes sense? Like an aroma of flowers or something so fresh. I smell it when I am in prayer and my 3 year old, has told me, it comes from me, haha. I don’t know, but all that I, was before, was gone and is gone. All my pain, anger, loss, emptiness, rage and not knowing love, because my heart was sealed with a wall of stone…anything and everything that is not from God, was gone. I tried to listen to my heart as my wife explained for me to do and silence my mind. God speaks through our heart and soul and the enemy speaks through your mind. So I laid down to listen to my heart and silence my mind and I was awake, but closed my eyes…then I saw this white light, as I saw the heavens open up in my bedroom ceiling and this beautiful living light appeared in the shape of a Dove, that was wavering towards me. I quickly opened my eye’s and closed them, open, closed, open, closed and it was getting closer and bigger. I then could see it was alive and as it wavered, to best describe it, how it moved, with the opening and closing of His wings. With each waver, I felt that same exact feeling of love, of mercy and grace fill me, like a heartbeat. It filled me and was renewing and rewiring me. I finally fell asleep and I woke up, completely at peace and with a tickled feeling of love and fluttering in my soul. All that was there, that was negative was gone. I got up and was speaking to my wife and I turned on the tv and there was a boxing match on and the second I saw that, I had to turn my head, I grew very nauseous and almost threw up. I then asked the, Lord what, He wanted me to read, in the bible and I was brought to (Ephesians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, Jude then Revelations) And now I am reading the bible from beginning to end. As from the gospel of Ephesians, and every book I read, I felt as if the the Saints, were speaking, we’re speaking directly to me, especially everything that myself and family have endured. My family and self are truly here, because of the God’s, love, mercy and grace. We have experienced God’s, miracles, His LOVE and His, MERCY and have testimonials, that I am told, are prophetic. We have seen battles in the heavens and the enemy in various ways, which are of old. I give all my love and praise to God, in the name of Jesus, for protecting us and loving us. We are only alive and here, because of God the Father’s love and mercy, For the love and mercy of Jesus Christ the Son of God and God, the Holy Spirit’s love and mercy. For God, is love and His, love is so beautiful. Thank you Father, in your precious son’s name, Jesus. Amen.

    We were told to tell the world…REPENT. KNOW THE WORD. HE “JESUS”, IS COMING… SOON

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