The Hysteria of the Loony Left!

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L. A. Marzulli

If I stand up and call for border control, I might be called a Nazi.
If I stand up and decry gay marriage, I might be called a Nazi.
If I call for a ban on immigration from countries that promote Jihad, I might be called a Nazi.
If I sate America First and wear a MAGA hat, I might be called a Nazi.
If I’m against sanctuary cities, I might be called a Nazi.
If I support Ann Coulter, I might be called a Nazi.
If I espouse my Christians beliefs, I might be called a Nazi.
If I state that abortion is murder and want to repeal Roe v. Wade, I might be called a Nazi.
The left shuts down free-speech, or speech that they disagree with on a regular basis. They use the term Nazi for anyone who disagrees with their ideology. However, as the video above clearly shows, they have no idea of what a real Nazi was/is.


5 thoughts on “The Hysteria of the Loony Left!

  1. This is true everywhere, not only in the USA. I should (could) write these your words in German, French, Italian and more. They would still be true. But thanks for these your remarks. So true, it makes you sad.

  2. LA can use this for stand up comedy like Jeff Foxworthy’s If you…You might be a redneck jokes.
    Only these are sadly too real.
    If you believe a conservative Christian has a right to free speech…You might be called a Nazi
    If you don’t like athletes kneeling at the National Anthem.. You might be called a Nazi.
    If you call Liberalism a mental disorder.. You might be called a Nazi.
    Better stop there.

  3. Hello LA, [ I am not sure of the best way to contact you. This text is really just for you as it’s a suggestion and some personal thoughts. Thank you. ]
    I really appreciate your Christian-based bold stance on today’s issues. Keep up the great work.
    What I really wanted to do was suggest that you check out the latest interview from Linda Moulton Howe. She has landed an in depth interview with ‘CMDR David Fravro FA/18’ with the Tic Tac UFO off the coast of southern California. It’s found on “Earthfiles” on YouTube.
    I believe it’s a managed agenda too. I wonder what agenda it will be.
    Finally, prayers out to your sister in law and the others with cancer. Jesus is the great physician.

  4. Nazi is one of their favourite shout down tools, but a real biggie is RACIST to label anyone who disagrees with them

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