Acceleration Video!

L.A. weighs in on Kathy Griffen, the Immigration “crises”, the bias with Stzrok. He shifts gears and discusses Hereditary which is nothing more than a demonic film-fest and the new TV show about Jack Parsons, Strange Angel. Finally, he reviews the movie The Last RELIGION!

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4 thoughts on “Acceleration Video!

  1. I was well aware of Jack Parsons and his pal L Ron Hubbard, and their re enactment of Aleisterr Crowley’s ritual (Babalon Working). It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that shortly afterward, in 1947, there was a vast increase in UFO, and focus on aliens (ET). L A you should read Dr. Mike Heiser’s “FACADE” – it addresses a lot of issues in focus these days in fictional form (altho’ his points are not fictional)>

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