Acceleration Radio – The Ryan Pitterson Interview

I was in the Big Apple last week and had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Pitterson. His book Judgement of the Nephilim is a must read.
The subject of the Nephilim has been controversial and there are many who insist that the Fallen Angles did not have relations with the women of earth. However, we know from Gen 3:15 that there will be a seed war between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.
This scripture sets up the rest of the Biblical Prophetic narrative. You’ll want to get Ryan’s book as he

3 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – The Ryan Pitterson Interview

  1. My husband having read the book I am now reading it, as you say it is an absolute ‘must read’ however I have been sidelined for a wee while by “New Apostolic Reformation?” – a very well balanced book which answers all the niggles I have had for years over this incredibly growing body of people who seem to have infiltrated innumerable churches. This book puts words to my ‘niggles’ for which fact I am truly grateful. However, as soon as I have read it, I will get back to Ryan Pitterson’s book which is incredibly well researched.

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  3. Dear L. A… I live in central Washington State and, since 2015, I also see these exact same multi colored flashing, stationary lights in the sky every night… no one knows what they are…

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