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One thought on “PPS Report!

  1. another great interview by the Architect of the Matrix (col. Sanders) and LA! The nature of Hesus, entering the limited dimensional aspects of this humanoid form (ps. 22) can be explained by observing nature in the matriarchal context. In a social caste, the male has the wings and carries the genetic blueprints between colonies; he is as enticing as is diminutive, emvironmentally haploid. So why on the matriarchal level of creatures does the female posess an ovipositor? There are more social animals being discovered everyday, such as Snap Shrimp (popcorn shrimp sound good too, Lord Sanders). A interdimensional entity would more likely present itself in accordance of the psychosis of it’s host; a verry sterile and harmless presence, but nonethless an angelic being is presenting itself as the expansive gender unlike the gender-less drone-like ‘grey alien’. All of these elements are rudimentary reptilian constructs of this adaptive natural God. The story of Nimrod the bee keeper was lilely his consumption of royal jelly and human flesh from his beehive altar that transformed his nature from the image of God to the extra-dimensional creature devoid of grace e know as a Nephilim. The more arid or isolated environments have a higher number of this regressed organism,, such as a cave or island. Baja Calif. features this among it’s all-female whiptail lizards. Then there are the mammal-like Night lizards on Isles’Catalina and Barbara and Clemente and Nichols and Channels. My thoughts are congruent to even Douglas Dietrich on SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, the visual appearance is an artifact of Will Power negotiating the observers’ aspect. Why not appear as a gian vaccuum cleaner tube, but a salesperson, or a giant pair of breasts trying to adopt a babe? Handsome men make a good impression to infertile children of what to expect when the girls become women.

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