Warning! UFO Disclosure is Imminent!


This video is a must see!

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4 thoughts on “Warning! UFO Disclosure is Imminent!

  1. nailed it on the head again, LA. Former coworkers to grey aliens have told me the extent of these creatures telekinetic and telepathic abilities; that if u are in sight of a ufo, the verry range of it’s neural kinetics will have already tampered your thoughts, images, and memmories in it’s presence. if you were supplanted concept art of an angel to be a handsome tall man with feathered wings, then let’s ignore the incompetent physics of how he “fly” by shrugging his shoulders 100 times per minute, or that the bird feathers qualify him as half reptilian because of the scaly feathers, or is it the collar bone or nerve center chakra as we saw borrowed into the film BIG MAN JAPAN. the orbs of light are what a unbiased semiconductor camera sees unless maybe it gets hacked too. What I find most interesting is the fact the same conditions of news and politics existed in Germany durring World War 2, that The Transfer Agreement was not disclosed in any modernized history books, and the Cliff’s Notes for what I am alluding to is the mis-managers would rather accomadate an alien insurrection on their own terms of exclusion to an extra-terrestrial paradigm that existed on this planet as cannibalistic giants consuming their flocks in competition to our shepherds drink of choice shown by Thomas of Monmouth in England and Pizzagate in Washington DC: controlled opposition to controlled opposition. AlexJonesExposed.info and Christogenea.org and TheRealProthink and LAMarzulli have it all.

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  3. I believe we are in the great deception period right now, and many Christians are falling for it, it is all encompassing, from the UFOs (which I myself have experienced a sighting up close in 92) to all the chaos going on in DC, with Mueller, and PizzaGate, the Clinton Cabal etc, and the way we are being played by all of them, even Trump, everyone is in great form including Q, doing the bidding of their master Lucifer,….I had hope for a while things were finally going to happen, the swamp would be drained, but after 2 years I have come to the decision it is all part of the endtime trap, the Great Deception.

  4. I understand that the visuals are still taking place in “modernity”.. However are the miracles the physical healings.. In order for the Fatima to be recognized by Rome the miracles are also vetted.. I see the footage however there is no talk of the miracles were those investigated by LA as well and do they continue at Fatima and the other places??

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