The Absurd Argument of Judge Kagan

Imagine a Travel Ban that Targeted Israeli’s…

Today I’m headed home from 7 days of being on the road. Peggy and I spent time with Russ and Shelly Dizdar. Russ and I went to a site in northern Ohio that allegedly had over 3000 burials that were exhumed in the early 1800’s. Some of the skeletons were giants! 
Of course this trail is very old and we didn’t find much, however, I got some good “B” footage and it was great to hang out with Russ.
Peggy and I then headed down to West Virginia where we filmed at the Grave Creek Mound site. We also spoke to one of the archaeologists and picked his brain about who constructed the enigmatic mounds that are all over Ohio and continue south to the Gulf of Mexico.
Soooo. Today I’m headed home while Peggy is spending time with her family. 
I went through what I would call the usual TSA, illegal search and seizure. I removed my shoes, belt, wallet, handkerchief, phone, and everything else from my pockets. I placed my laptop in a tray. I put my camera bag—unopened—on the conveyor belt. In all I used five trays. 
Why did I have to go through this? Because of the events of 911 that changed everything.  How is this connected to Justice Kagan? Glad you asked…
How many Israeli’s were involved in the attack on the twin towers. (Just for the record I don’t believe the planes brought down the buildings.) 
The answer, of course, is ZERO!
How many Israel’s were involved in terrorist acts in the USA? 
Again, to the best of my knowledge, ZIP!
How many Israeli’s are yelling God is great, while they mow down helpless pedestrians with the vehicle of their choice?
How many Israeli’s are engaged in making bombs to blow up innocent people?
How many Israeli’s are strapping suicide belts on and blowing themselves and innocent bystanders up?
Kagan’s argument is a strawman argument. It has no substance and, in my opinion, is jejune.
Trump is right to limit people who are immigrating from countries that harbor or sponsor terrorists as they wish to do Americans harm. This is part of their ideology.
Trump is right to seal the border as without a secure border we have no idea who is coming into the country? This nonsense of allowing illegal people to come across borders is not tolerated in any other country on the planet!
Trump is right! Build the wall and limit immigration from countries that promote Jihad.
Kagan is a liberal Supreme Court justice appointed by—drum roll—Obama. She, like all the other justices, is appointed for life. This, in my opinion, is very problematic. She will almost always vote from her ideological world-view perspective, which of course, is liberal. End of story. 
There should be term limits in all branches of government, otherwise, appointments like Kagan are nothing more than stacking the high court with those who agree with the current president’s views who happens to be occupying the White House at the time. 
Term limits!
In the meantime. Terrorist all over the world are chanting death to America. In the eyes of the Iranians, we are the Great Satan, and Israel is the Little Satan.
It’s never going to change. 
Trump is right! Stop immigration from countries that seek to do American harm. Meanwhile, I’ll have to submit to yet another illegal search and seizure at TSA checkpoints. 
I’m punished and treated as a potential suspect while the real perpetrators and those who want to do Americans harm seem to get a “pass” from Justices like Kagan. 


2 thoughts on “The Absurd Argument of Judge Kagan

  1. Honest to God I just don’t get this argument. It’s as simple as this.Would you leave your front door wide open to anyone who feels like entering your home? If you wouldn’t with your personal abode WHY do you think our “collective home” our country should be treated without the same prcautions?

  2. YAHooo LA. George washington bridge had white vans full of Israeli special forces. After the World Trade Towers ‘went down’, thousands of automobiles would not ‘start’ because their ignition systems were fried and batteries discharged. Just like at the Federal Murrah building in Oklahoma, if you were caught with a Geiger Counter then arrested. Without a clue as to why all the skyrocketting cancer rate, and ignoring the druidic Yew ceremony establishing the radiation containment pond — eEEWhat?? Do I sound like LA Marzulli yet? Pres Geo Bush jr warned of 50 missing Russian suitcase nuklear bombs at the end of his presidential term.Global seismic activity stations had records of smaller explosions, but the buildings as large as they were couldn’t be fully extracted and sorted to an offshore Chinese iron-smelting supertanker that bought what little remained. BECAUSE, it was irrecovably liquified by a nuclear reaction in a basement and the demolitions fed the towers into it’s subterranean nuclear crucible that was still liquidmagma 6months later. Wow, Larry Silverstein, what timing to includebyour rinkydink office building at the last moment, but you dont get a maydayfestival and fancy radiation pond too. tisk tisk tisk.

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