A Harbinger of Deception!


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L. A. Marzulli

The video below was taken in front of a Coptic Church in Egypt, in 2009. You will notice that the people who are gathered there are celebrating the so-called apparition. What we see are amorphous blobs of light. They certainly can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Why do some people immediately insist that what we’re looking at is supposedly Mary of the Bible?
Without trying to offend anyone, we know from The Guidebook to the Supernatural that Satan can come as an angel of light. That being stated you will notice that no one is rebuking first and asking questions later. No one is testing the spirits.
This is alarming and it happened in Egypt only a few years ago.
Here’s the clip…

Why is it that the blob of light that most of the people assume is  “Mary” is “holding” a baby Jesus? This is blasphemous as He is a risen savior and not a babe in a manger. He sits at the right hand of the Father. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is just one of the reasons why I take umbrage at this charade. Yet, what do we see? We see hundreds of people dancing and clapping and lapping it all up. This is the supernatural manifesting and people are embracing it as something benevolent.
We are warned in the guide-book to the Supernatural that deception will be one of the signs of the last days. In my opinion what happened in front of the Coptic church was a  DECEPTION as I do not think for a minute that what appeared was the Mary of the Bible!
What happened over the Coptic church hails back to events that happened almost 101 years ago in Fatima Portugal. This is why our film is timely, relevant and dare I say a must see, as it links the past to the present.
Folks, it’s happening right now and as recent as 2017 in Knock Ireland.
Get armed, prepared and informed. Share the film with your pastor, friends, study group. The apparitions are all part of the Coming Great Deception.


2 thoughts on “A Harbinger of Deception!

  1. Deception is raging on all fronts these days L A. Since 1917 as I outlined in several of my blog posts, when J D Rockefeller and J P Morgan convened a meeting of the global elite / Illuminati, to determine how many mainstream media companies they needed to BUY CONTROL OF in order to control the flow of info to the people, so as to shape their thinking/views to comply with the satanic elites’ agenda, to which the results of their inquiry was “25” companies, they then went out and bought said control of said companies. I firmly believe to become uber rich and successful a la Google founders, Facebook’s Zuck, etc, one has to sell out to their agenda hence once achieved the process of implementing the elites’ ‘agenda commences. You’re experiencing it – like demonetisation of your uploads, Tim Alberino had his YouTube channel taken down / deleted, etc. Your CIA is also one of their main agents to control media as I’ve been sharing via blog. Combine that with the deliberate dumbing down of the education system to an indoctrination system, and they’ve created the perfect soil and climate for their seeds of deception.

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