Sunday Bun – Spiritual Warfare…

The Bun by L.A.

The Enemy Will Change His Tactics…

We are told in our Guide-book to the Supernatural i.e. our Bibles, that the enemy Satan, comes to rob, kill and destroy. He is a master of deceit. He lies all of the time and the Bible tells us he is the father of lies. In other words everything that comes from him is twisted.
He hates us and wants to harm us in every way possible. He tempts us in a variety of ways causing us to sin. Of course when we sin we have an advocate, Jesus, who by His blood takes our sins away.
The enemy can have a stronghold in our lives. This stronghold can take years to develop. It can be a root of bitterness or anger, pornography, lust, hatred, wanting what isn’t ours and on and on the list goes. When these thoughts come—and they are unwanted—we counter them with the sword of the spirit, the WORD of God. We say no to bitterness, no to anger, no to porn or lust or anything that is not of God.
We get the victory.
However, when we do this the enemy will change his tactics. He may try something completely different. For instance, he may suggest that our lives are worthless. One of his “agents” will whisper this and if left unchecked it can fester until we start to believe the lie.
The enemy always looks for our weakest areas and tries to exploit them. Sometimes he will let us alone for a while and then try to sneak in when we’ve let our guard down. Other times he will hit us hard, directly trying to shake us from what God has called us to do.
When this happens it is good to remember this: Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.
When I counter the enemies lies with the above scripture I am taking the sword of the spirit and striking down the lie with the truth of God’s word!
As a believer we have the authority over The Fallen One. We have that authority given to us because we know Jesus. We have victory but we must exercise our spiritual authority.
We do this in part through prayer and staying in God’s word, but we also put on the armor of God and do it as often as is needed. (see Ephesians 6.)
When we do this we are essentially putting on Jesus. We’re suiting up with His salvation, His truth, His righteousness, His peace, the faith we have in Him, and because He is the WORD, He is our SWORD!
If you think you Know Him but you don’t know Him, then you don’t know Him.
He is the prince of peace. He is the one we have been waiting for. If there was something else, another way out of our depravity surely we would have discovered it by now.
There isn’t, which is why He is the truth the light and the way!