Merry Christmas… Not so Fast Citizen

My friends we have trouble

Right here in New York City

It starts with P and end with S and it’s

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We live in a world that is full of Occult symbols. They are everywhere. Some folks will say the Christmas Tree above is another such symbol, but to millions of Christians, in the west, it represents the coming of our Messiah.
The practice started because in the winter months, specifically on the shortest day in the year, bringing something green into the house was a way to show renewal and the promise of spring. (I know I’m going to get flack over this! LOL) We can argue over this but this is our culture and what most of embrace. Please don’t write me telling me where I’m going wrong. Our Celebration of Christmas is cultural practice for most Christian Americans.
Most of us know Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas Day. However, He could have been conceived then by the Spirit of the Living God!
But back to Prometheus who was one of the Titans and stole fire from the gods and gave it to man.
Isn’t it amazing that we have a mixture of the two symbols one that in our culture points to Messiah and the other Satan.
In Rockefeller Center the images are combined and you will notice that the tree does  not have a traditional crèche underneath it. Instead, it has a statue of Prometheus. Deliberate? You be the judge.


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* Tax Cuts in the hands of 8 people. Seriously?
* Why I don’t give a hoot about the “Prince” and his bride to be.
* UFO Update –
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Ritual Killings – MS 13 – From the Blog!

Russ Dizdar will join us for the second half of the show to discuss the ritual killing that I wrote about last week.



Sunday Bun!

The Bun


L. A. Marzulli

That saved a wretch like me….

Most of us know the hymn, Amazing Grace. The author was a slaver, he dealt in the buying and selling of human beings. He was a despicable, horrible individual. God saved him and he penned the words that we know so well.
One of the lines: He saved a wretch like me.
I remember in the early days of my walk singing this and recoiling at those words. I was certainly no wretch. A sinner yes, but not a wretch!
Oh really? LOL! Now I sing those words with gusto having had the depths of my depravity shown to me by the Spirit of the Living God, which is not a comfortable experience but one which is necessary.
Thank you Jesus for Grace and Mercy.
A wretch, yet I am seated with Him in the heavenlies.
A wretch, but now I am a new creature in Christ.
A wretch, yet I can do all things in Christ Jesus through Him who strengthens me.
A wretch, yet when clothed with the armor of God I have command, with the Kings authority, over the dark rulers of this earth.
A wretch, yet I have eternal life.
A wretch, but I have dominion.
A wretch, yet all my needs are met.
A wretch, but I dwell with no fear, as I am filled with love, power and a sound mind.
He saved a wretch lime me 37 years go. How wonderful.
Do you know Him?
If you think you know Him but you don’t know Him then you don’t know Him.
Simple isn’t it. So many folks think they know Jesus, but have never had a conversation with Him, never felt his presence, never had a personal relationship with Him.
He is the author and finisher of our faith!
Now unto Him who is able to bring us before His presence with singing….
He is waiting for you to invite Him in…




Ritualistic Killing – MS 13. – What the Media Isn’t Telling You.

Police: MS-13 members in Maryland stab man more than 100 times and decapitate him


“The victim had been stabbed over one-hundred times, decapitated, dismembered, and his heart had been excised from his chest and thrown into the grave,” detectives wrote in court papers.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

This heinous crime was a ritualistic killing, in my opinion. The grisly fact that the victims heart was cut out is the signature of a satanic offering.  The hands and feet were also cut off the corpse. All of this is purely satanic and is part of the drug culture.
MS 13, is likely the most violent gang in our country and unfortunately its membership is growing. They are connected to the drug cartels in Mexico and South America. They are extremely violent with no regard for life.
When Trump was running for office he vowed to go after them the first day of his Presidency. He’s done what he could do but the bottom line is this, the killings and rampage continue.
The Drug Cartels worship the goddess Santa Muerta i.e. the goddess of death. (Seen here)
As you can see they pay special attention to this ‘Goddess’ dressing her up and crowning her.
This is nothing more than the old gods of the Aztecs come to life again. They demand human sacrifice.
Those members who are in MS 13, and the Drug Cartels believe they are supernaturally protected.
The article states the victim was stabbed over 100 times. This is part of the ritual, to create as much pain and torture in the victim before killing them. Russ Dizdar has stated, in his excellent presentations, that this is to summon the demons with the repeated stabbings and when the victim dies the demons are drawn into the ones doing the killing.
MS 13 is now in every major city in America. They ply their grisly trade of extortion and murder wherever they like with little or no restraint.
Trump was right in calling for the destruction of this gang but here it is a year later and MS 13 is as strong as ever and carrying out their rituals whenever and wherever they like.
The worship of the Demonic, with all it’s blood rituals, is now openly happening in our country. Wake up.

The Ancient gods are BACK!

Paganism Returning, Warns Rabbi After Egyptian, Hindu Gods Appear on Washington Mall

“They sacrificed to demons, no-gods, Hashems they had never known, New ones, who came but lately, Who stirred not your fathers’ fears.” Deuteronomy 32:17 (The Israel Bible™)

This is happening in our Capital!

A three-day weekend event on the Mall in Washington DC featured a massive seven-headed dragon as an exaggerated symbol of Satan in what one prominent rabbi sees as part of the reappearing battle against paganism, an ancient sin that is creeping back into the world.
The third annual Catharsis on the Mall, titled a Vigil for Healing, was held as a politically motivated incarnation of the desert Burning Man Festival from which it evolved. Catharsis, held from November 10-12, featured an array of art, music, lectures, interactive exhibits, meditation, healing and workshops. But unlike the Burning Man, held in an isolated desert location, the Washington gathering was politically oriented.



Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
I was sucked into Eastern Mysticism in the late 1960’s. Remember the Beatles made Maharishi very popular and meditation and all-things-Indian, became the new “thing.”
I was looking for enlightenment and read a lot of books on the New Age and also the Fakir’s, Mahatma’s and so-called Holy men of India. I was drawn to it and soon found a guru where I would be initiated into divine light, holy nectar, divine music and the primordial word!
It really sounds pretty cool… right? Not so fast citizen! After three years of mediating for hours every day, giving up all my world possessions and following every order from the Guru, I realized I was still the same shmuck I had always been. Why you ask? Because all of these eastern religions, and I do mean all of them, never deal with the one overriding factor that Christianity deals with and that is man’s sin nature, our depravity.
The title above, A Vigil for Healing, promises the usual workshops, meditation and lectures. There is a large picture of Shiva, the god of destruction which is also outside CERN! Coincidence? I think not. The pic to the left is from the “ceremony” that was held outside CERN about a year ago. What in the world does this have to do with science? Nothing. I would posit that CERN is attempting to open a gateway, a portal to let the ancient gods—fallen angels—through.
All one need to do is look at the poverty that is rife in India complete with the mostly defunct cast-system, the belief in reincarnation, karma and the concept of working ones way through many lifetimes to a state of bliss or Nirvana.
Contrast this with the free gift that is at the core of Christianity. We confess our sin, our need for a savior and we ask Jesus into our hearts.
Then, the sin-code is broken as we are born again and we have eternal life.
We have so-called Christian yoga classes? Sorry the positions are taken right out of Hinduism, so this is an oxymoron and worse, we have allowed occult practices into our churches.
The Hindu gods promise nothing and in fact are fallen angels wanting to be worshipped. They have set up camp in the past and now, in modernity, seek to do so again right here in Washington DC!
Stand up and be counted! Rail against the works of the Devil and the deception he brings in the guise of the god-men of Hinduism!!!