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1. Vegas Shooting Update!
2. Why I hate Halloween.
3. UFO Report.
4. The Real Fascists – Better Wake up!
5. JFK Assassination The Bullet throughout the Windshield –



Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli – A Series of One Liners…

We’re headed home today from being on the road for 10 days. I will be doing Acceleration Radio tomorrow night!
There’s trouble brewing as the Antifa “fascists” are planning demonstrations in cities all over America. Watch your back!
Trump is in the crosshairs with the investigation into the supposed Russian hacking. Meanwhile the Clinton’s skate. Media bias anyone?
A couple who survived the massacre in Vegas died as their car surrender exploded in a ball of flames. This is the third witness to die under “mysterious” circumstance.
Halloween is almost here. Watch out for SRA, rituals near where you live. Get prayed up. Realize whose day this day exalts.
Sex robots will soon hit the stores. Is this another sign of the times? You bet!
JFK docs point to a conspiracy, in my opinion. Prison Planet had a great article about the disappearing bullet in the limo’s windshield. He was shot from the front as well as the Grassy knoll.
Man sells ranch because Aliens are harassing him!




JFK Papers RELEASED? Not So Fast Citizen!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


On Thursday, President Donald Trump blocked the release of hundreds of records on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, bending to CIA and FBI appeals, while the National Archives came out Thursday night with a hefty cache of others.

I was 13 years old and I was sitting in Miss Bittner’s English class when the news that JFK had been shot, in Dallas, came over the intercom system. I still remember Virginia Babcock laughing out loud. I was stunned by the news as I tried to process the information in my 12-year-old brain.
I first went to Dallas and Dealey Plaza several years ago when we were filming Watchers 3. We were driving through the plaza and our hosts were pointing out where the first shot hit JFK and then the kill-shot, both marked by large X’s on the asphalt-paved road.
The all-to-familiar landmarks rushed by, the school-book depository building, the infamous grassy knoll, the triple underpass, and then we circled around the block to the parking lot in front of the book depository building.
Once the car was parked I ran to the grassy knoll. I stood behind the picket fence and realized that the large X, which marks the “kill-shot” is less than 60 feet away from where I was standing.
I re-visited the area several more times since then and we recently filmed there in the spring of this year. I’m working on a film about the assassination and will most likely have it finished sometime in December.
All of the above to say this. The Powers-that-be have once again claimed the BIG, ever-present, all commanding decree of NATIONAL SECURITYto once again NOT release the documents about the assassination.
Now they have bought another 18 months to redact, destroy, re-do, shuffle, loose, obfuscate, misplace, or perhaps have a pack of wild dogs eat the remaining files!
We, the American people, have a right to know what the documents contain.
In closing. Having been at the site in Dealey several times I believe the fatal head-shot came from he Grassy knoll. A short distance away is the storm drain which would have provided an escape route for the assassin.
Recently there have been several documentaries made that insist Jackie Kennedy’s head was in the way, so the head-shot could not have possibly come from the grassy knoll. This statement, in my opinion, is false. The Zapruder film clearly shows Jackie leaning forward and looking back over her right shoulder up at JFK’s face. The moment she does this his head snaps BACK AND TO THE LEFT. In other words Jackie’s head is not in the path of a bullet coming from the grassy knoll.
So who did it? Most likely we will never know the truth of the matter. However, the one man who had the means to bury the evidence, in my opinion, was LBJ and the Military/Industrial Complex i.e. The Deep State.
Do these held-back documents reveal a connection? Most likely we will never know….

Russia – Uranium and the Clintons – Truth is Thrown to the Streets.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Isaiah 59:14

Note: We’re in Tuscaloosa exploring Moundville. We head to Atlanta today for the conference with Russ Dizdar, Pastor Bill, and Pastor Caspar.
The only question I have is this… will Hillary wiggle her way out of yet another “scandal?” Think about the Democratic primaries where the elections were decided by a coin toss.
Think about Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down. Think about Donna Brazille feeding questions to Hillary. Think about BenGhazi. Think about Seth Rich being gunned down. Think about the Uranium deal… truth has surely stumbled in the street.
So here’s what I think is happening behind the scenes. Trump has been quietly working to explore the truth. He has the power behind him to do so. The Russian narrative has flipped and everything is pointing to collusion with the Clinton’s to smear Trump with the fake Pee-gate story.
Then we have former FBI director Comey who according to this story actually “cleared” Clinton before he interviewed her!
Then we have Bill Clinton’s meeting with former Attorney General Lynch. What was discussed and how long did the meeting go on for?
Lastly we have the thousands of Hillary’s emails destroyed! Can you imagine if anyone of us had done this?
The folks know who she is and what she’s about. This clip says it all.
I do hope justice prevails…




#wwIII   #NorthKoreanukes

Air Force preparing B-52 bombers for 24-hour alert status, official says

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to place its fleet of nuclear-armed B-52 bombers on 24-hour alert for the first time since 1991 amid escalating tensions with North Korea, the military branch’s chief of staff said in a report Sunday.

Defense officials denied to Fox News that bombers were ordered to go on 24-hour alert, but Gen. David Goldfein told Defense One it could happen.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

In March this year, while at the Hear The Watchmen Conference, I was met by a spook from one of the alphabet agencies. He told me point-blank that the next war was going to be with North Korea.
Months later events have escalated to a point that we haven’t seen since the Cold War with Communist Russia. Make no mistake about it, Kim’s regime is one of the most authoritarian and brutal on the planet. The people worship him as a god. hundreds of thousands are kept in concentration camps that would rival those in Nazi Germany.
People are tortured in ways that if I printed the practices here most of you would not be able to read the accounts.
Meanwhile “Rocket-Man” is playing a dangerous game by firing rockets, that could be armed with a nuclear war-head, over Japanese waters.
Remember, Kim has never been out of his country. He has no idea of the way the rest of the world works. He has no clue of the vast armaments that America has at her disposal. He’s ignorant and arrogant which is a deadly combination and added to this he has been catered to and told he is a god since childhood.
Interesting how the weasels in the media are whining about Trump starting WWIII. However, the last 4 presidents have played political “footsie” with North Korea and Trump is the only one who is standing up to the little dictator and not kow-towing.
To close todays short post. The people in North Korea have been under one of the most  brutal regimes in the history of the world. As usual the “United Nations” does little except to ignore the catastrophe that has been brewing there for decades.
WWIII looming in front of us? You be the judge.
Jesus warns us when he states this: There will be wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times. 

Then he tells us this: …when you see these things look up as your redemption is coming nigh!