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As a former Roman Catholic and three-year seminarian for the priesthood, I want to thank you for your expose on Fatima.  I frequently watch EWTN which carries many discussions and presentations on Fatima.  I actually began preaching about the deception of Fatima about five or six years ago as I continued to hear confusing accounts about what happened in Portugal in 1917.  Your video is a classic.  I am looking forward to sharing it with many of my Christian and Catholic friends.  Thanks for your diligence on this product.  I am looking forward to Part Two.


Watched Fatima film last night with the family, very well done.  Very disturbing to see the narrative has changed, since the original 1917 reports…someone, an organization, or entity has an agenda, clearly.  So deceptive and it is leading so many to focus and worship false ideas…even apparitions.


Looking at this from another angle, I was recently sent by L A Marzulli, an advance screening of his upcoming film titled Fatima – Miracle of the sun or a harbinger of deception! What became known as the Miracle of the sun occurred on October 13th 1917. Somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people were gathered in a field, and they saw something strange occur that day. But exactly what was it they saw? Extensive research into the subject has been conducted by L A Marzulli. In this excellent documentary film, we discover that all may not have been as it seemed. Mr Marzulli does a thorough job of examining the historical testimonies of witnesses to the event, and explaining why he believes that sinister spiritual forces may have been at work on that day. For those who seek the truth on this subject, I highly recommend that they watch this film when it is released to the public.
Tony Koretz


I just finished watching Fatima. WOW! Incredible work. One of your best.


LA, one problem is that the footnotes go by way too fast. Finer pixilation of the lettering would also help.
Otherwise EXCELLENT job!  Deception.  End of story. Even so, looking forward to the ‘rest of the story’.
Oh – I will be tuned in to the live streaming.


Hi L. A.
Just finished watching the Fatima DVD, and wow, no doubt in my mind what that was. I only wish my Catholic mom would have watched it. Thank you for your exhaustive work. I look forward to the next volume.
God bless,


Fatima… an intriguing account of an extraordinary phenomenon!
 Pastor Paul & Heidi Begley


L.A. once again shocks us with never-seen-before FACTS involved in the events that took place 100 years ago.
Matt Brunett





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