The Emmy’s – Who Cares?

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L. A. Marzulli 

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Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys

Everyone expected the smattering of stars at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards to get political, and host Stephen Colbert kicked things off in a big way. After the late night host made some jokes with the help of Sean Spicer, a number of other stars took the stage and made political

I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last night. I really don’t care about a bunch of privileged actors, many of which wind up in re-hab. I didn’t want to hear the bashing of our president, the unrestrained vitriol that I knew would go on and on and on.
What happened was “Karma”—which of course I really don’t believe in—that swift and sure-footed animal, as Colbert’s political rants sunk the shows ratings.

Emmys TV Review: Donald Trump Overkill Stains Stephen Colbert’s Hosting Debut

Many people are tired of hearing from these left-wing, self-righteous, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, show-people. They act so pompous as they strut around in their tuxedos and gowns. I don’t think most Americans really care about an industry that honors itself!
In fact, many people don’t watch any TV at all, as with 800 channels, most of the time there’s nothing to watch!
This is why the networks are in panic mode. This is why ROKU is growing, this is why YOUTUBE subscriptions are growing. This is why the death of Cable TV is most likely a certainty.
Fair-minded Americans are tired of hearing the endless Trump bashing and referrals to Nazi’s. First off the Nazi’s—The National Socialist Party—partnered with Industry, something Trump has never done. But wait, this is precisely what Obummer did in his presidency. Did we hear anything from Hellywierd? Not a peep.
Recently Colbert gave the Nazi salute mocking our president. Why did he make this ridiculous comparison? It shows me that these people really have no idea of what a Nazi really is.
Many liberals claim to be tolerant… as long as you agree with their world-view and if you don’t this is the kind of vituperative remarks that are hurled at you, referring to Colbert’s and the other Trump bashers.
Where are the conservative voices? Where are those actors who believe in traditional values? Not there, are they? Here’s a clip that demonstrates this. Bill O’Reilly asked a democratic strategist to name one conservative news-anchor on TV.
Wrapping it up! There you have it. Where is the conservative presence in our media? It’s not there, it doesn’t exist. With that said Hellywierd is living in La-La-land—no pun intended—as during the Emmy’s not one conservative voice was heard…. not one. Bias anyone? Of course it is. As an American I can choose who and what shows I watch on the Boob-tube.
As for me and my house, I will never support or watch Colbert and those of his ilk again. The bottom line for me is this. Who cares about these self-serving pampered people who make their living by pretending to be someone else.