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L. A. Marzulli

Hurricane Irma is threatening Florida and may be the largest Hurricane in US History. How do you brace yourself against winds in excess of 185 miles an hour? You can’t. You have to be either underground in a bomb shelter or you hightail it to higher ground out of the path of this monster.
Meanwhile the rule of law seems to be ignored with DACA. Wy don’t we move to let’s say Mexico have a couple of kids there and then demand that they be given citizenship and free education. I love what Cher stated. “We should take these children into our homes.” Hey Cher, how many are you taking in? This whole mess is because of Obama ignoring the rule of law and allowing illegal—what don’t you understand about that word… illegal—immigrants to remain in the country in Sanctuary cities. Build the WALL and enforce the law!
The loony-left is busy removing our history by skulking around, in the dead of night, and whisking away those dreaded Confederate statues! How dare they! As I stated on Acceleration Radio on KGRA! Please send all of your $20 bills that show Andrew Jackson—that horrible man—to me and I will dispose of these offensive items for you. You can also send your “Lincolns and Georges” to me too!
Some compassionate actress recently stated that the “best” abortion she ever had was in Seattle. I’m sure the baby hacked apart in her womb didn’t feel the same.
Trump is promising massive tax cuts. However, with Ryan and McConnell at the helm I guarantee nothing will get done. Get ready to pay the highest taxes in the world to fund a bloated-out-of-control-Federal government. DRAIN THE SWAMP!
Last in line but certainly not least is North Korea. I was told in March, by a deep-state-spook that our next war was with North Korea. Kim has to go and with him the entire regime, with its numerous concentration camps that would rival Auschwitz. Remember Otto Warmbier who was treated brutally by the regime and then shipped back home only to die a few weeks later. I wonder how many times they hit him in the head or “drowned” him? At the end of WWII when the concentration camps were liberated the world looked on in horror. The same camps exist in North Korea now and the United Nations sips on martini’s.

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100 years ago an event happened that changed the world. Upwards of 70,000 were gathered in the little village of Fatima, Portugal. They were told, by an apparition that had appeared to three children—what many believed to be Mary of the Bible—that a miracle would occur. Something happened on October 13, 1917 and thousands of people witnessed it… It was called, The Miracle of the Sun.
The Watchman Chronicles presents FATIMA – Miracle of the Sun or a Harbinger of Deception?
What did the witnesses in 1917 really see?
Did Psychics predict the events of Fatima?
Why did the apparition only speak telepathically with the children?
What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken 1917?
Why was the main seer Lucia cloistered with a vow of silence for almost 2 decades?
What actually appeared in the sky in 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc…
Were there other phenomena seen that day, such as “flying hats?”
The Watchman Chronicles with host L. A. Marzulli travelled to Fatima, Portugal to get the answers. You’ll be astounded when you hear what amounts to a completely different version of the events than we have been led to believe.

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