Silencing the Opposition!

Silencing ALL opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook

Even to casual observers, it has been obvious for months that the left is orchestrating a tightly-coordinated campaign to undermine and delegitimize the current presidential administration.
As an extension of the decades-long campaign to wrestle the narrative away from conservatives, independents and centrists, they’re smearing right-leaning commentators with anything they can find. In the take-down of Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley and attempted hit on Sean Hannity, for example, it’s more than evident.

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L. A. Marzulli

I am just amazed at the snowflakes, in collages all across America, who call pundits like Ann Coulter a fascist! REALLY?
Meanwhile George Soros is funding the take-down of any conservative voice. Fox got rid of O’Reilly for alleged sexual misconduct and their ratings have sunk. Nice going guys. O’Reilly was one of the most stalwart conservative voices on the air. His show was rated number #1 for over 17 years. Nice take down Soros.
Now, the left wing—who by the way are the real fascists—are going after Sean Hannity. The bigger target, however, is our president. They hate everything he stands for, a border wall to keep the illegals and the drugs out of our country, a ban on Muslim countries that support terror, lower taxes, a better health-care plan than Obummer-care which is imploding.
Soros is working behind the scenes to bring an end to the America that we grew up in. Then you have. Maxine Waters who is calling for an all black party? She’s also boasting Trump will be impeached by January.
There is so much divisiveness in our country and I’ve never seen anything like it.
As Michael Savage warned last week and I re-posted his article, if “they,” the Deep State, takes out Trump there will be a civil war.
Wrapping it up. There is evil afoot. There are those who want to control every aspect of our lives, from cradle to grave. They thus far have been successful in removing conservative voices who dare speak out against their agenda. It will continue unless we push back.
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