The Deep State – The Shadow Government!

Exposed: Robert Mueller is a deep state operative sent to take out President Trump

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
The Deep State is the hidden entity that has controlled our country since JFK was gunned down in Dallas decades ago. I’ve said this many times on radio appearances, conferences and on this blog and will state it again here, we have not had a real president since JFK, with the exception of Ronald Reagan and they tried the “lone-gunman” nonsense on him too.
Now we have President Donald J. Trump in the White House. He was elected by the people who want to drain the swamp, who want real change in Washington.
The entire Russia story is nothing more than the un-official wing of the Democratic Party i.e. our media, fueling a bogus story and doing so day after day.
Mike Savage stated this last week: If the left succeeds in its effort to remove President Trump from office or renders him virtually powerless, America’s working class – the “Eddies and Ediths” – will revolt, warned author and nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage.
Savage  is right! The American people are fed up with being lied to. The average Joe and Jane will not lie down like some tranquilized cow about to be slaughtered if the Deep State takes out Trump.
The Deep State doesn’t want Trump because they can’t buy him off. They can’t control him, and as Newt Gingrich stated in 2016, Trump isn’t part of the secret societies.
To wrap things up. Our country is on the verge of an all out civil war. People aren’t stupid and thus Congress’ approval record is around 10%. We are tired of paying our hard-earned money to the bogus bozos who taint the halls of Congress. Time to drain the swamp.
Remember JFK wanted to shatter the CIA in a thousand splinters. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve. He wanted to get out of Viet Nam. This was unacceptable to the Deep State and the rest is history.
I agree with Savage. If they take out Trump the people will rise up… and we need to.

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