The 9th of Av…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Today or tomorrow, depending on where you are located on this blue-ball of a planet,  is the 9th of Av. It is a day of calamity for the Jewish nation as both the first and second temple were destroyed on that day.
In 1492 The Jews were expelled on the 9th of Av. In the same year the Jews were expelled from England….
This date has dire consequences for the Jewish people. With the current state of the Temple Mount and the growing antisemitism—think the Imam in my state of California—who stated that the Jews should be annihilated i.e. killed.
Of course the fiery Imam apologized but let’s set the record straight, he did this only to ease the firestorm he created. Do we think for one second that this Imam really means this? Of course not. He’s spouting the hatred he was raised with and will continue to do so. Also, remember he is allowed to lie to the infidel, which is us.
The 9th of Av may come and go like it has for many years, but I always brace myself and watch the news for any indication of the Psalm 83 war erupting, which I think will be next big thing on the prophetic time-line. Thanks to Bill Salus.
In closing. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We must come to an understanding that we are living in the end off days and that at any moment the Middle East could erupt into a major conflict.