Elongated Skull Revealed! Cradle Head-boarding? Not so Fast Citizen!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

2,000-Year-Old Toddler Skeleton with Elongated Skull Unearthed in Crimea

However, artificial cranial deformation is a common trait seen among remains belonging to the Sarmatian culture, who once inhabited modern-day Crimea. They would bind wooden planks to infant skulls with a cloth to gradually alter the shape. “Such deformations were seen as altering the character, and making the warriors ‘more aggressive’,” reports The Daily Mail . “The high amount of offensive weapons found in Sarmatian graves indicates they lived a military-oriented nomadic life.

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I’m going to do a PP&S Report on this either today or tomorrow. I’ll show four different skulls that I have in my collection. (They’re all cast made by Joe Taylor)
Archaeologist are all to eager to use the practice of cranial deformation or head binding to account for the shape of the enigmatic skulls that we find throughout the world.
Our team which consists of Mondo Gonzolas (archaeologist) Rick Woodward (archaeologist & Anthropologist) Chase Kloetske (Forensic field Investigator) Brien Foerster (Researcher) Richard Shaw (Director of the Watchers Series and Videographer) collected DNA from samples and these samples are now being sequenced at labs. Once we get the findings we will publish them. It took us three years to get the proper permits from the Peruvian Minister of Culture, but we got them and the samples arena  being tested.
In the meantime I will address the position of the Foramen Magnum on all of these skulls and show that in the opinion of our team there is a genetic component in these skulls that make them different for normal Homo sapiens.
Please go to my YOUTUBE Channel to watch the upcoming video presentation. I’ll post it on Wednesday.
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