If they Take out TRUMP I’m Out of Here!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

Trump Assassination Imminent, We Must Act Now to Stop Civil War/Martial Law

In my opinion JFK was killed by the deep state and we’ve never had real president since then with the exception of Reagan and there was an attempt on his life to. Yesterday John McCain put his foot on the backs of the American people and quashed Obamacare repeal. Make no mistake about it, Washington is a good-old-boys club and Trump like JFK is not welcome.
The deep state consists of the Military/Industrial complex, which as Eisenhower warned us shortly after WWII, was something new on the American scene.
Trump was never supposed to be elected… never. It was Hillary all the way with the globalist agenda at the forefront.
Take note. We are now rolling into august where Congress will once again recess. Meanwhile, nothing has been done for the American people. We still have a collapsing health care system i.e. Obummercare. Our taxes are amongst the highest in the world. We have no border wall or funding for it. Same old BS from DC.
The video warns that a real plot to take down Trump is being floated in the beltway. I have to tell you this. If it happens, if Trump is cut down by yet another lone-gunman or dies of a sudden heart attack like Breitbart did. I’m out of here. Seriously. I will move out of the country.
The American people have gone back to sleep and its business as usual in DC. Added to this is this foul-mouthed egomaniac Scaramucci who is yet another indication of what really goes on in DC.
Wrapping it up. I have lost hope in our political system as it is corrupt, broken, self-serving, and filled with cronyism, back-room deals, piles of pork, and does not have the interest of the American people.
However, my hope is this and nothing less in Jesus Christ and righteousness….
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