Why Jesus Will Return Soon – They’re fooling around with the Building blocks of life…DNA!

In this Tuesday, April 25, 2017 photo, assistant research technician Henri Berger, talks about live yeast cultures at a New York University lab in the Alexandria Center for Life Sciences in New York, where researchers are attempting to create completely man-made, custom-built DNA. The yeast genome is like a chain with 12 million chemical links, known by the letters, A, C, T and G. That’s less than one-hundredth the size of the human genome, which has 3.2 billion links. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli



NEW YORK (AP) — At Jef Boeke’s lab, you can whiff an odor that seems out of place, as if they were baking bread here.
But he and his colleagues are cooking up something else altogether: yeast that works with chunks of man-made DNA.
Scientists have long been able to make specific changes in the DNA code. Now, they’re taking the more radical step of starting over, and building redesigned life forms from scratch. Boeke, a researcher at New York University, directs an international team of 11 labs on four continents working to “rewrite” the yeast genome, following a detailed plan they published in March.
OK, I can hear the laughter from the scientist and the Darwinist’s now.  I’m sure I’ll be compared to those “superstitious” Pontiffs in the middle ages who renounced Galileo. Richard Dawkins is smirking. Bill Nye is celebrating by sitting on a melting iceberg somewhere in the Antarctic. Atheists are giving each other high-fives.
As scripture warns us what will be repeated in the end times… Where is the promise of His coming?
I think we’ve crossed a line here as DNA is His creation, the building blocks of all life—as we know it—in the universe.
Remember DNA wasn’t discovered until much like Columbus discovery of America, Watson and Crick bumped into it in 1967.
Do we think that scientist are NOT experimenting with DNA? Of course they are. Think about the Giant of Kandahar that was allegedly flown out of Afghanistan. (We covered this in Watchers 10.) If it was flown to Wright-Patterson—and I have every reason to think it was—then “they” have isolated the DNA and most likely have created a hybrid. Can you imagine?
Church Lady – “Oh L. A. you’ve been reading to many Marvel comic books!”
Jesus has to come and soon, otherwise, at the rate we are going, they’re just mint not anything  “human” to come back to!


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