Prophecy! Temple Mount – Abbas -Days of Chaos

Palestinian leader halts security co-operation with Israel over mosque dispute

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L. A. Marzulli

Think about this. If we were to go back 200 years and go to Jerusalem what would we find? A sleepy dusty town, with Jews and Arabs living together and no suicide bombers, acts of terror and knife stabbing crazies. There is no modern state of Israel and the Temple Mount is a non-issue. In fact I have a reproduction from the 1920’s penned by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who states the Temple was and always will be a Jewish Temple and he even mentions Solomon.
Fast forward to modernity where the Temple Mount is now a hot-button issue. Remember when Ariel Sharon stepped onto the Temple Mount years ago? Yassar Arafat, who was the head of the PLO called for an immediate, intifada. Nothing has changed and we see that the Abbas has stepped away from any modicum of trying to “get along” with Israel with his latest antics.
In fact what we see is the payment given out by Abbas and his party to suicide bombers and terrorist who kill Jews. Nothing changes.
In the midst of all this is the prophecy, yet to be fulfilled, which states that the Anti-Christ—the one who is instead of Christ—cuts a deal with the Jews to rebuild their Temple on the much-disputed Temple Mount.
Do you know what? Not many Christians are even aware of this prophecy, yet it’s in our Bibles and points to the end of days.
I would posit that we are in the window of time where this will happen. Are we near a tipping point? Will the situation on the Temple escalate?
In the meantime pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
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