We’re Hosed as Nothing Changes….

GOP loses enough senators to sink its current health-care bill

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
We’re hosed as it becomes plain to see nothing changes in the halls of Washington. It’s the same old dream-weary song. Meanwhile the people suffer under the current health-care bill—Obama-Care— which is falling apart and the onerous taxes we all have to pay with no tax relief in sight.
As I stated last week, there’s only one way to drain the swamp and that is to implement term limits. The elected officials count on Americans going back to sleep after the elections and for the most part that’s what happens. We the people need to come together and demand term limits so we can stop the Pelosi’s and McCain’s that have been in Washington for so long, they have become permanent fixtures of power.
We need to stay on this. We need to make it happen because if we don’t nothing will change in Washington and our country will go down the tubes.
Drain the swamp!
I’m on assignment and the Internet is sketchy here. I’ll be back blogging and posting videos next week.


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