The Miracle of the Sun

Commentary by 

L. A. Marzulli

At the heart of the Fatima phenomenon is an event that is called “The Miracle of the Sun.” Here’s the back story.
The three children had seen something, an apparition, a “Lady from the sky” for about 5 months. The clergy and others asked the children to go back to the “Lady” and ask for a sign. So in September—this being the 5th month of apparitions—the children asked the Lady who had appeared to them on the 13th of every month since May, for a sign.
The Lady replied that there would be sign.
Fast forward a month later to October 13, 1917. Well over 50,000 people were gathered at the Cova de Iria—Irene’s Cove—and waited for the sign that was promised. The crowd numbers vary from 50,000 people, as a low, to over 100,000.
There were people from all walks of life, the clergy were present, as were common folks, intellectuals, government officials, the wealthy and the poor, the healthy and the infirm.
At one in the afternoon Lucia, the eldest of the three children, cried out, “There she is.”
The people who were gathered did not see the Lady, only the children did and then only the girls, Lucia and Jacinta could “hear” her talk. The nine-year-old boy, Francisco could only see the Lady but not hear her.
Why wasn’t Francisco able to hear the words spoken? In fact, we’re not even sure Lucia or Jacinta heard the words, as Lucia did not know the word telepathically.
The question arises was the communication from this Lady telepathic? Because all three children are  now gone from this earth, we’ll never really know.
There is something else that is important. Francisco and Jacinta passed from the earth only a few years later when they died. It makes one wonder how they might have viewed what befell them when they had reached adult hood. Bottom line is we’ll never know.
Back to the “Miracle of the Sun.”
It had been raining all morning and the people were drenched to the bone as was the earth around them.
Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun could be seen. However, this is where the story goes off-the-rails as many of the witnesses who were in the field declared, on the record, they saw a dull, silver disc, dancing in the sky.
(The photo on the left is photo-shopped)
What amazes me is there is not one photo of the so-called miracle. Not one. When I first wrote about this almost 10 years ago, I searched for a photo and in fact, wrote to The Fatima Crusader, in Canada asking if they had a photo of the miracle. I was informed that there were photos and they would soon get back to me. A few weeks passed and I called the Fatima Crusader again. I was informed that no photo existed.
What we have is a shot of the sun but nothing else. Years later Life magazine had this photo on their cover. It too was photo-shopped. Fake news anyone?

The Miracle of Fatima: Photographic Proof from the Vatican and LIFE magazine?

Fake Fatima Miracle of the Sun photo
Polluting History
LIFE magazine used to be a vital part of the average American household, delivering a mixture of news and entertainment, always accompanied by large, striking photographs. In 1951, they carried some sensational news about the 1917 “Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima in Portugal. The Vatican had released photographs as proof of it, evidence of “rigorously authentic origin.”
More on the Miracle of the Sun tomorrow!
L. A. Marzulli on assignment.