Fatima – The Priest who went Missing?

«  The good priest grew more and more displeased and perplexed concerning these events until, one day, he left the parish. The news then went around that His Reverence had left on account of me.  » In fact, as Father Alonso points out, he had also run into numerous difficulties with his parishioners regarding the construction of a church, and this was equally the cause of his departure. (Lucia 1919)

Controversy has surrounded the events that took place in 1917, in Fatima Portugal and continue to this day. One of these was the position of the parish priest, in regard to the apparitions, Father Ferreira.
Ferreira, stated that he believed the apparitions were demonic in nature. He continued with his “unpopular” position in the wake of thousands who believed that it was Mary who had appeared to the children.
It was Ferreira who conducted some of the earliest interviews with the witnesses in order to document the events happening in Fatima.
What’s alarming to me is, according to my research, Ferreira leaves the parish and is never heard from again. He disappears from history.  The question is why? Did he leave the priesthood? What happened to him and are there any documents, letters, anything that would further aid in an understanding of the events that happened 100 years ago.
The three children saw something, of that there can be no doubt. However, was it really Mary of the Bible?
 We know that Jesus–while hanging on the cross—instructs one of  His disciples, John, to look after Mary. We know that she goes to the garden tomb on the day of the Resurrection. However, according to our Bibles, Mary disappears from the Biblical narrative after the Book of Acts.
There is no mention of her being without sin, having an immaculate heart, being a perpetual virgin or being a go-between from us to Jesus. All of these dynamics were added over the centuries.
I’ll state it again here that I have the highest respect and admiration for Mary but she’s not the queen of heaven.
There is no queen of heaven found in our Bibles that would point to Mary. The queen that is mentioned in Jeremiah, was centuries before the birth of Mary and in fact is looked at in a negative way. (More on this later)
Father Ferreira was troubled by what was happening in his parish. I would posit that he had no idea of what he was dealing with and when the crowds swelled at the apparition site he was one of those who counseled caution. Did anyone test the spirits as we are told to do so in John’s epistles? Ferreira disappears from the scene and is never heard of again. Was he a stubborn anti-supernaturalist? Why does he appear so adamant against the children’s story? As with many events there are more questions than answers.
L. A. Marzulli on assignment.


100 years ago an event happened that changed the world. Upwards of 100,000 were gathered in the little village of Fatima, Portugal. They were told, by an apparition that had appeared to three children—what many believed to be Mary of the Bible—that a miracle would occur. Something happened on October 13, 1917 and thousands of people witnessed it… It was called, The Miracle of the Sun.
The Watchman Chronicles presents FATIMA – Mary of the Bible or a Harbinger of Deception?
What did the witnesses in 1917 really see?
Why was the “lady” wearing a skirt that fell just below her knees… something not even prostitutes of the time were seen in.
Why did the apparition only speak telepathically with the children?
What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken 1919?
Why was the main seer Lucia cloistered with a vow of silence for almost 2 decades?
Why did the Jesuits remove the original testimonies and why are they no longer accessible to researchers?
What actually appeared in the sky in 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc…
The Watchman Chronicles with host L. A. Marzulli travelled to Fatima, Portugal to get the answers. You’ll be astounded when you hear what amounts to a completely different version of the events than we have been led to believe. Coming this September…

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