Roswell – 70 Years….

70 years ago an event happened in Roswell, New Mexico that is shrouded in mystery and controversy to the present day.
Something happened there, of that there can be no doubt.  For those of you who don’t know anything about the “Roswell” incident here’s the thumb-nail sketch.
In July of 1947 something crashed just outside the desert town of Roswell and was “discovered” by a rancher, Mac Brazille. Jesse Marcel Sr., who was an Intelligence officer at the Army base, in Roswell,  went out to investigate.
Shortly after his return the local paper announced the Army had recovered a flying disc, a UFO.
24 hours later the story was retracted, a hasty press conference was called and Marcel was made to look like a fool, as the story was floated that he had mistaken a weather balloon for that of a UFO.
I interviewed Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr, in 2009 and when you watch the video above you’ll hear that interview verbatim as I read the transcript.
In the video you’ll also hear from Jim and Carolyn Rankin who were privy to the “death-bed” confession from Colonel Hill. Hill was OSS—the forerunner of our modern-day CIA. Hill was stationed at Dallas/Fort Worth and according to the testimony in the film, was dispatched to Roswell. He tried to make contact with the one “alien” who was still alive.
Cover up? In my opinion the cover up continues to the present day. The powers-that-be know that we are being visited, but by whom?
In my film In Their Own Words – UFOs are real, I sit down with many folks, from all walks of life that have had encounters. I cover everything from UFO sightings and orbs to abductions and missing time.
Something is going on and it’s complex and no one knows all the dynamics of the phenomenon.
Recently there has been a lot of talk about the disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. In my opinion this is the ultimate game-changer.
However, could it be that when we go up, they show up? Something is restraining them and that “something” may just be the Spirit of the Living God.
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