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Review of The Watchman Chronicles

LA Marzulli hits this one out of the park. So many first-hand testimonials given in a very matter-of-fact approach make this an extremely palatable and engrossing watch. The material is presented in such a way that no agenda is forced; rather, it’s simply all these people telling their own personal experiences. You can’t argue with that. Further, the people seem so very relatable and also without agenda. It’s fascinating material. L.A. himself is an excellent presenter. His questions to the subjects are probing but never pretentious. Genuine, intelligent, heart-felt L.A. brings his own warmth and style to this very engaging topic. Very thought-provoking and intriguing overall.
-Mary Pat Avery

The Coming Great Deception.

Is this how the UFO Alien thing is going to come down?

They will show up in the sky and announce that they are our gods? 

According to an ancient supernatural guidebook, an evil inter-dimensional being will take over a World government – he will be a World dictator filled with supernatural power. He will seem to answer all the world’s problems. His people will show up in the sky.          He will command that everyone take his Mark in their hand or forehead. He will make it ILLEGAL for anyone to buy or sell anything without the mark. There is already a movement for a World government. Unless you have been in a coma, you would know this. It is called the New World Order or New Order. Banks and governments all over the world are already banning or outlawing cash transactions, starting by making cash harder for people.  All purchases will be digital at first like the chip embedded on your credit and debit card. Most transactions now are already digital. The next step will be to  “chip” everyone on the planet in the hand or forehead so that everything you buy or sell is controlled. And if you ever get out of line, they will just turn your “chip” off.

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