Do We Want to Live Like This? It’s Coming Here…


Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be IMMINENT as she raises threat level to critical and orders 5,000 troops onto the streets after attack by British-born Libyan Salman Abedi

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L. A. Marzulli

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, has ordered 5000 troops onto the streets of England, in the wake of the Manchester terror attack that killed 20 and maimed dozens of others.
This is nothing short of a military controlled and patrolled police state. The question is this. Do we really want to live like this?
How do we stop the ongoing terror attacks? In my opinion, we can’t. There’s no way to stop these jihadi’s. There is simply no way to monitor those whoa are bent on carrying out their nefarious, twisted plans that are entrenched in an ideology, which seems to be systemic within Islam itself,  or is there?
In Saudi Arabia there are no Christian churches. They don’t exist, period. The Saudi’s worship Allah and there is no room for the Christian God.
Yet in our country we have allowed mosques to be built and Islamic centers are becoming more and more prevalent.  Why is this?
It’s a double standard.
I would posit that the so-called religion of peace is anything but and I’m so tired of hearing that these terror attacks are the work of Islamists who have hijacked Islam. I don’t believe this and thus we are left with a gut wrenching decision.
We can go the way of the EU and the UK and muster tens of thousands of troops and learn to live with terror. We can police the arenas, soccer games, graduations, malls and other public events but I guarantee we won’t stop the Jihadi’s. We can’t.
I’m in Cleveland at the moment with the Wifey and we are headed to an undisclosed location for research for the next few days. While we were munching on breakfast the TV monitors were on and I was reading the text. One show stated the demonic-infested Jihadi, who blew up innocent children in Manchester, was known to the authorities. Duh?
This is the problem. The “authorities” knew about this guy but did nothing as he had not yet committed a crime.
However, I’m sure there were others involved who knew what the Jihadi was up to. I saw that the Police had arrested three others in connection with the bombing.
So here’s the bottom line for me and I realize the looney-liberal-left will call me all sorts of names. However, before they do so they should take a long hard look at what is happening in the EU and the UK with tens of thousands of armed military personnel patrolling the streets and ask themselves if this is the way they want to live.
We need to close the mosques and deport every person from a middle-eastern or Islamic country.
This of course is absurd to most of us.
However, the Jihadi’s are here and they will continue to strike and there is no other solution that I am aware of.
In Saudi Arbia they don’t have Christians blowing themselves up. There are no churches. There is one “god” in the kingdom of Saudi and it is not the Christian God of the Bible. 
To wrap it up. We must realize that as a sovereign nation we have the right to deny entry to people who want to destroy us…period. If anyone has another way of stopping the Jihad please let me know. 




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