Terror Strikes Again. Business as Usual?

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
This recent incident is now the “new normal” in Europe. The EU better get used to being blown up at soccer games, concerts, night-clubs, Christmas gatherings, and church services.
However, the looney-multi-culti-liberal-morons will tell us this has nothing to do with Islam. They will insist it just the radicals who are doing this. Like George Dubya, they will insist Islam is: That great religion of peace.
There will be another candle light vigil. Wreaths of flowers will mark the scene. Mourners will gather…but nothing will change and a few weeks later the same insane scenario will unfold once again.
We must come to realize that we are witnessing a clash of civilizations that are based on two different supernatural events that have colored the body-politic.
The West was founded on Christian principles on God’s word, on the Judeo/Christian world-view.
The Middle East was home to Mohammed and people either converted to Islam or died by the sword or paid the jizah—the tax.
Under the Obummer administration thousands of “refugees” were let into the USA. Who vetted them? There are certainly more terrorists hiding in their ranks.
We have experienced the Jihadi’s here with the Fort Hood, The Boston bombings, and The Orlando massacre. Then we have the honor killings that are hidden, for the most part from public view.
Several weeks ago two “doctors” were arrested in the heartland of the USA for performing female genital mutilation on girls.
Newt Gingrich stated this:

To wrap it up. We must take a stand or we will go the way of the EU.