While the Media and the Deep State Rages on about TRUMP we The People Suffer.


Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

Our media is in the tank with the democratic party, pointing hysterically to the supposed Trump campaigns collusion with the Russians. It’s been 8 months… where’s the evidence? THERE IS NONE!

We have career politicians shouting for impeachment, think career politician Maxine Waters and others of her ilk. Pundits weigh in, acting as if we should hang on their every word.

The Deep State pulls the strings from behind the scenes.

Late night comedians blast away with some of the most foul and demeaning comments they call “jokes.”

The Republican defense of our president is nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime we are still paying upward of 50% on our taxes, Obummer-care is imploding, and illegal immigrants continue to come here illegally! opioid use is at an all time —no pun intended—and the death-toll mounts daily.

Congress passed a 1 TRILLION dollar budget…. shame on them.

The endless war that is Afghanistan continues and nothing changes…

Our country is divided. Perhaps more so than since the Civil war, which was anything but civil. Conservative voices are shouted down. The real fascists won’t tolerate anyone who supports, Trumps wall, vetting immigrants coming from the Middle East, and what many Americans hold as “traditional values.”

Trumps slogan—Make America Great Again—has given way to cries of his impeachment.

Hey Elites, Washington insiders, Washington-Post-story-spinners, Left-wing-nuts, Never-Trumpers, Soros-funded-demonstrators, career politicians and the shadow government that is the Deep State.

I think I can state that We, the American people of tired of your lies, manipulation, spin, confabulations, obfuscation and meanness.

Many of us no longer believe in you and what you tell us. In short while you rant on we suffer under the tax burden, regulations, and endless promises that are broken.

As for me and my house? We look up because the only way out of this mess may be up!