The Challenge Trump Faces….

Commentary and Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

Donald J. Trump is about to become the 45th President of the United States. He ran against 17 other Republicans and overcame a biased media, as well as numerous pundits who informed us that Trump had no chance of winning.

Trump faces a 20 trillion-dollar national debt. Almost half of this was wrung up under Obama. It’s hard to imagine these kind of numbers, but I would posit that essentially Obama bankrupted our country.

Trump also faces a destabilized Middle East, which is a ticking time bomb. Last week 70 nations came together in Paris and essentially agreed that Israel should return to her pre-1967 borders. Of course if Israel is foolish enough to do this it would spell her immediate doom, which is why the Arabs are focused on this. Trump wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He’s already been threatened by the King of Jordan and others that this would further destabilize the mid-east. Meanwhile the war in Syria continued unabated and Russia is flexing her muscle.

Trump also faces a very sluggish economy as there are over 95 million people out of the work-force. If anyone can fix this it Trump who is, in my opinion an economic genius.

Our country is divided and there are many people who have publically stated that Trump is not their president. Trump has his work cut out for him and he must bring our country together.

In closing. Trump’s first 100 days will be very telling. Will he build the wall? Will he move the US embassy to Jerusalem. How will he react to ISIS? The debt? Those who call themselves Never Trumpers? Trump has his work cut out for him. He needs our prayers.