Trump and The Press!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Yesterday a CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, accosted—it’s all in a name— The Donald.
The reporter, in my opinion, made a complete and utter fool of himself and showed us just how arrogant the loony left has become.
Donald Trump is our president-elect. He deserves respect as he holds the highest office in the land. Can you image if a journalist from, let’s say FOX news had pulled the same nonsense with Obama? The man would have been hoisted high on the petard of liberal intolerance and would have been eviscerated publicly. Then, in the aftermath banished to Neuschwabenland.
It becomes very plain to see that CNN and other so-called news agencies of their ilk, are biased and will do anything to derail, delegitimize, and destroy the Trump presidency before it even begins.
I stand on many stages and platforms and I have to tell you if a guy like Acosta, accosted—oops there it is again—me with his rude, outburst, I would have signaled security to have him removed.
I am amazed that FOX News pundit, Shep Smith defended the loud-mouth troll from CNN.
Hey Shep, so let’s say CNN ran a smear story on you which compromised your character. Would you really tolerate a loud-mouthed moron accosting you?—not again! Would you stand at the podium and allow this knuckle-head to dominate the conversation?
Trump is the President of the United States and he has every right to shut CNN down after the pile of trash they published which was nothing more than a smear campaign.
The people resoundly rejected another four years of the same failed policies of Obama that Hillary Clinton would have continued. The people are tired of the bias in the media, which is why many of us get our news from the alternative media, as we no longer trust these talking-heads to bring us the truth.
In closing todays Post: Trump is in store for more of the same with the press. However, he can change the game. He can do an end-run around the main stream press and invite other journalist from smaller papers and agencies which will be all to happy to show at least a modicum of respect.
We need to keep The Donald in our prayers. In the meantime, CNN should be ashamed of their entire operation. BOYCOTT CNN.