Sunday Go-To-Meeting Bun!


Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

What is prayer? It is taking our requests to the God of the  Universe. He hears them and answers them, sometimes in ways that confound us.
Prayer is not some rote repetition like saying the “rosary” with a gazillion hail-Mary’s or mindless mantra like the Hindu’s repeat over and over again, or bowing before some idol, fashioned by the hand of man.
Prayer is communicating our requests to the Lord of Hosts, the King of Kings, the one who fashioned us,  the keeper of our souls. As Noah Hutchings’  used to say: “Prayer changes things.”
Sometimes we don’t know what to pray about. We can be faced with a situation that overwhelms us. Recently a fellow Brother in Christ, wrote a nasty hit-piece on me in regards to the Fairy that we debunked. Now on the one hand I don’t want to curse this person or wish him any ill will, but on the other, what he said was beyond the pale. I talked to my Elder Brother, Gary Stearman about this and Gary suggested I say this: Lord, render unto this man according to his works. That works, as it takes me out of the equation and puts the matter in the hands of the Living God. What I love about this prayer is that it puts the onus on the Lord and not on me.
This is true of other situations that can come into our life. There can be people at our work-place that have a anti-Christian spirit on them. They can be a thorn in our side. This is where this prayer comes into play. We don’t want to curse, we want to bless, but when someone is doing something that is blatantly wrong, we learn to turn it over to God and let Him take care of it.
chuck-misslerThen there’s the situations that are completely overwhelming. Someone we love gets cancer, someone suddenly dies, a loved one is in a horrible accident. We often wonder why God allows these things to happen. This is where our trusting in Him comes into play and this is not an easy thing to do. Chuck Missler recently lost both his wife of decades, as well as son, all within a few months of each other. When I was sitting with Chuck at the recent K-House Conference I asked him if he had any suggestions, words of encouragement for my ministry. Chuck would not let go of my hand and he stated this. “God has an unfulfilled desire. He desires our trust. “
Think about this. When our lives are going well and there’s money in the bank and food in the frig and the bills are all paid it’s easy to give thanks and rest in the Lord. On the other hand ,when we’re faced with adversity it can be very hard to trust.
When our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia years go—she’s a survivor and is now 26—it threw our household into disarray. I look back and wonder how we got through this time. It was hard and there were times when my Wifey would cry herself to sleep. God brought us through, as He has time after time.
But then there are the situations that happen where it seems like God is far away, like He has abandoned us. Life can appear hopeless, and we can despair of life altogether. At this time we must rely on God’s word and put up our shield of Faith knowing that He cares for us. We must continue to pray and praise Him. We must stand and after doing everything we can, stand.
Prayer changes situations. Prayer is our offensive weapon against the enemy. Prayer is what we do all day long, every day. Prayer is good and the churches should do a lot more of it than the 2 minutes each Sunday morning. Think about it. The body of Christ is gathered together and we have an opportunity to pray collectively. To bring our voices and prayers in unison over situations. What an opportunity and yet most churches don’t engage in prayer.
With that in mind. There will be a few thousand people who will read this today. Let’s pray…
Rose needs our prayers as she has cancer and is not eating. She’s losing weight. Her husband has quit his part-time job to take care of her. This is a dire situation.
Jane has a brain tumor and both she and her husband are not believers. They need prayer for salvation, and healing.  She has been diagnosed with less than 2 years to live.
Rick who has lung cancer is in a lot of pain.
Let’s remember to lift these folks up throughout the week as prayer changes things….


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