The Disparity of Ideologies

Commentary and Analysis


L. A. Marzulli










We have a lot to dismantle after 8 years of Obama. Think about where we are, how polarized our country is, how the media is complacent and the political-correct-mind-police, try to tell us what we should or shouldn’t think.
The nation is divided, perhaps more now than the years leading up to the civil war. The divide is deep and these are some of the issues that divide us.

Abortion: Hillary Clinton is perhaps the personification of the abortion industry, as in her world the child has no rights until it is outside the womb. The Feminist insist it is a woman’s right choose, whether or not to abort—kill—her baby. Abortion is murder and there’s simply no way around that. On the other side of the aisle are the pro-lifers who insist that life begins at the MOMENT of conception. That’s the disparity between the two ideologies. In short the pro-life position is based on the sanctity of life while the abortion industry and the feminists, who want to kill as many babies as possible, have no trouble with late-term and partial-birth abortion. The film OPEN is wonderful expose of the cultural clash and disparate ideologies concerning this.
Our Borders: Obama is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to pour across our southern border. Those on the left insist this is good thing and oppose the Trump wall. As I’ve stated numerous times on this blog if we reversed the situation and Americans began to pour into Mexico the Mexican government would round us all up and deport us without hesitation. Those of us who support the wall are called racist for wanting to control the flow of illegal’s into our country. There’s nothing racist about border control or building the wall. In spite of what the liberals think Trump’s wall will finally slow down or perhaps stop, for the most part, the drugs that are pouring into our country.
Big Government and Free Stuff: Bernie Sanders was and still is very popular with the snowflake—safe space—generation. They all want free stuff. They applaud a government who will give them a free college education. They want free health care and free birth control. In short, these misguided common-core “graduates” are clueless as to how a free society, based on the principles of capitalism, works. Free stuff leads to what is happening in Venezuela. Socialism and communism has never worked and never will. When Obama raised taxes on the middle class he destroyed the spirit of the entrepreneur. If a business man is taxed upward of 50% he or she is nothing more than a modern-day serf.  As Jefferson stated: A government is best that governs least.

The Question of Islam: Those on the left refuse to see any connection between the Jihadi’s who war against the west, and our way of life and Islam. They insist Islam is a religion of peace. They fail to see what is happening in Europe and that the goal of Islam is to dominate the world. For those of us who want to have the mosques in this country monitored or close immigration to countries that promulgate terror we are called Islamaphobes. Once again there is a disparity between ideologies. Watch what President elect Trump states about this.

Our country is deeply divide along ideological lines. Under Obama the Christian world-view, which I believe is held by most americans, has been pushed down and I would go far as to say deliberately warred against. The pendulum is swinging the other way, but the country is deeply divided and thus, the demonstrations, vitriol and constant media attacks are being waged against the principles of conservatism. What we are seeing is a disparity of ideologies which will not be mended soon.



These are the Days of Chaos.

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