How the Elites Lost…

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This was the “polling” results from the Election Projection Website.
I went to this site every day to see if the Trump  had a chance to beat Clinton. According to this poll Hillary was 3 to 7 points ahead of Trump and in the electoral college she was almost 100 points up before November 8th.
Notice the only poll that had Trump up was the LA Times…  go figure, as the Times is one of the most liberal papers in the country, yet they had Trump up and winning the election for well over two months before the election.
The Sunday before the election the pope came out blasting Trump calling for “christians” not to vote for The Donald. Here’s an older clip stating that Trump can not possibly be a Christian  because he wants to build a wall!

Of course here’s the wall around the Vatican!








So let’s recap. The Pope accuses Trump of not being a Christian because Trump wants to build a wall to keep out the illegals, as well as the drug cartel’s poison, which has affected millions of families across our nation. Then there’s the media who told us with their charts, graphs and bobble-head-pundits that Trump was not qualified and he was behind  Hilary in the polls, with no chance of catching up.
Then we have Obama lecturing us that in order to cement his legacy of Obama care as well as transgendered bathrooms we had to vote for Hillary.

Then, we have Hillary as well as leaders all over the world telling us to be wary, that Donald was unstable, volatile, unpredictable and couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear “football.”
They were all wrong and the American people came out in droves and upset the proverbial apple-cart as it were, and elected Donald Trump.
This was a stunning upset and as some pundits put forth, the American people voted down the oligarchy that is Washington and gave the elites the middle-finger-salute!
Ann Coulter wrote a piece yesterday and she had a suggestion for President Trumps first 100 days. I’ll let you discover it, so here’s the link!
The left-wing liberals like Whoopi Goldberg are calling the election a “whitewash” which is a racist remark.
The snowflakes are crying and running for their safe spaces and Lena Dunham wants to go to Canada.
Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna should have a spirit cooking night out and invite Hillary and  John Pedesta to the event…. to soothe their souls.
What happened in my opinion was this.
The American people have had enough of being lectured for 8 years and being told we are lazy, racist, homophobic and xenophobic, islamaphobic  and other disparaging remarks by our president.
We’ve had enough of the trillions of dollars in debt our country is in.  Enough of being told we can keep our health plan but we can’t and now we come to find out the rates are going to go up yet again….
Enough of the political establishments double standard.
Enough of the Clinton scandals, which by the way are not yet over.
Trump has a shot to get this country headed in the right direction.
Build the wall Mr. President.
Go after the gangs, stop the drugs coming in.
Tell the Iranians to stop their nonsense.
Repeal NAFTA.
Limit immigration from countries that sponsor terrorism, like Saudi Arabia.
Keep an eye on the mosques and the radical Imam’s who preach hate and are against Israel.
Extend a helping hand to Israel and assure Netanyahu, that unlike Obama, you’ve got his back.
Clean up the mess that is our inner cities.
Fix our broken infrastructure.
Rebuild our military.
Drain the swamp that is Washington. We believe in you Mr. President and our prayers are with you.









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