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L. A. Marzulli

The Supreme court just struck down a Texas law that would have restricted abortions. I am reminded of the undercover videos that were shot last year.
What we saw in these videos was beyond the pale as a woman who calls herself a doctor casually munches on her salad and sips her wine while she discusses harvesting body parts of a baby in a mothers womb.
Here’s the clip…….
Folks the fact that we are even discussing this shows me how far we’ve slipped as a culture, a people, as I believe abortion has cast a dark shadow on our land.
As of this broadcast upward of 60 million babies have been killed. There’s no other way to put it. Abortion is murder.
By the way we have a woman who is running for president of the United States who won’t say when the baby in a mother’s womb attains its constitutional rights.
I wonder if she thought the same way about her own granddaughter when it was in the womb? I’m sure the tiny baby was fawned over even while her daughter showed the baby bump. In other words, I would posit the family cherished this gift.
When Roe V Wade was before the supreme court abortion was couched to us that it would only be used in extreme circumstances and not as birth control. Now, decades after this fateful decision the numbers of aborted babies world-wide is a staggering 1 BILLION!  Abortion is used as birth control. Abortion mills are rampant and somehow the misguided notion of a women right to choose, has usurped the life of the unborn.
Then we hear of the horror stories of babies who are born alive and then killed like what happened in Philadelphia with the doctor who is now serving a life sentence. Dr. Goznell killed at least 8 counts of murder. He carried out his nefarious work by cutting the spinal cords of the newly born infants. Dr Mengele, who killed untold thousands at the Auschwitz concentration camp would be proud. It’s beyond the pale that this happened in America.
This DVD blows the lid off the abortion holocaust that has invaded our world. Reyes Ipsa locator….The thing speaks for itself
The material presented in this film is certainly not for the faint of heart. Many folks don’t want to discuss the subject at all and most of our churches never address the issue.
When we read the passages in our Bibles that describe how the Israelites sacrificed their children to god Molech, we cringe with revulsion, yet 1 billion aborted babies have perished in the wake of Roe v. Wade.
In my opinion, there is nothing more innocent than a baby in a mothers womb.
This innocence has been shattered and literally ripped apart by the abortionists methods.
If you’re interested in seeing the rest of this cutting edge documentary film you can go to our site, PPSreport.com and procure it for yourself and loved ones.
The Bible warns us: My people perish for a lack of knowledge.
There is a great deal of knowledge to be had in this film and I am proud to have contributed to it as they producers interviewed me.
Thanks for watching and remember: I’ll see you on the air or in the air.

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