Paris – Bring the Muslims to Your Country and This Is What Happens?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Of course what I’m about to say is looked upon as Islamaphobia. We should all just shut up, do our job, pay upward of 50% in taxes, live with Gay Marriage and be glad we can watch Monday-Night Football, where some guy decides to kneel during our national anthem in protest, while meanwhile making millions off a system he deems is unfair and prejudicial.
That’s right shut up and say nothing, let the elites dismantle our country. Are you KIDDING ME!
What is happening in Paris is only a decade away in this county, or perhaps sooner.

The Obama administration is allowing thousands of so-called Refugees into the country and one can only wonder if any of these people are being vetted. So with this in mind I suppose these video clips are just an anomaly of sorts?
So folks like Donald Trump and millions of other fair-minded Americans we wonder if our country won’t go the way of France. This is why folks like me and most likely many of you, who are reading this, are part of the basket of deplorable’s that Hillary Clinton calls us.
Obama stumps for Hillary and calls Trump dangerous and a threat to the world order, specifically stating the fate of the world is at risk.

This statement is double speak for the trillions of dollars Obama indebted us with. The Gay Marriage Bill, which was nothing short of judicial fiat that went against what I would posit is one of the pillars of Western Civilization, that marriage is between one man and one woman. Please remember Muslims can take up to four wives.
92 million people unemployed, our crumbling infrastructure, and Obama’s insistence on Trans-gender bathrooms. Yes, the fate of the world is at stake. Do we want to fade away as a culture, as a country with open borders and higher taxes that are yet another hallmark of the Obama administration? Watch the video and vote for The Donald. He’s not part of the secret societies and he will DRAIN THE SWAMP!
 The Depths of their Immorality is unlimited. DJT!