The Managed Agenda of the Washington Elites…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I can’t say this enough, as with only 7 days before the elections, our nation hangs in the balance. We have only one shot to literally save our country and that is to get out and vote The Donald in, period.
Some of you out there are caught up in the media hype about Trump. Get over yourselves and answer me this. Did God use Moses? He was a murderer. Did God use King David? He was both an adulterer and a murderer. Did God use Peter? He denied Jesus three times when it counted the most! Then there’s Cyrus, the Persian who rescued Israel.
The elites are panicking. James Carvel melted down recently blaming a KGB/FBI/GOP/Trump conspiracy in reopening the Hillary Email scandal! Of course it’s a vast-right-wing-conspiracy!

As I posted yesterday, the rule of law is under attack and if we have two sets of laws, one for the political elite and the other for the rest of us then we have lost the very principles that founded our nation.
A while back I posted a video showing the way the media is in the tank. All of these talking heads are leading with the same bi-line. Nothing has changed… The media is against TRUMP!

This is living proof of the managed agenda. Don’t you find it amazing that all the media can focus on is allegations about Trump touching someone, or his Trump University failing, or Trump not revealing his taxes?
Yet, Hillary has over 650,000 emails that are on an unsecured server, which compromises our National Security and when revealed guys like Carvel call it some kind of conspiracy? Are you kidding me!
 Hillary was fed questions BEFORE the debate and for this Donna Brazile has resigned, just like DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, who by the way was immediately hired by the CLINTON campaign! Some pundits charge that Wasserman-Shultz manipulated the Democratic  primaries in favor of Clinton. It’s a rigged system. A fine pack of weasels there!
Then there are real serious issues, Benghazi, the creation of ISIS, the Arab Spring, The Clinton Foundation and on and on it goes.
It’s time to drain the festering, polluted, swamp that is Washington. Away with the carrier politicians who have aided in the gutting of our country. Who passed Obama-care yet don’t have to have it for themselves. Who give themselves raises yet can’t balance the budget. Drain the swamp!