Politics – If you Can’t See the Media Manipulation You Need Political Glasses!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
From an undisclosed location on the Spinning Blue Planet! (LOL—That will get a hackle out of the Flat-earthers!)


Please check out the above link. It’s a great piece by Ann Coulter, it’s brilliant!

The 2016 election is reaching a fever pitch. The media hate Trump and are creating every diversion known to man to topple him.

The United Nations hate Trump and are calling out to finish him off.

The globalist hate Trump because he’s going to put America first and NOT the globalist agenda.

Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House along with McCain, Boehner, McConnel and other so-called Republicans, hate Trump too.

The Washington elites hate Trump and they are terrified, because if he’s elected he will expose the DEEP corruption that permeates the Belt-way.


If you can’t see the blatant-in-you-face-media-manipulation to NUKE The Donald then you need political glasses!

I am amazed that the media does nothing and I mean nothing to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

We have the thousands of emails she deleted.  We have the deaths of our ambassador and soldiers in the wag-the-dog-spin of Ben Ghazi.

We have her sitting in Washington for 30 years and I challenge you to name one, just one of her accomplishments.

The Weasels in the media and the Power-elites are digging up everything they can on Trump, but you’ll notice nothing appears about Hillary….nothing.

This is our last chance to keep our country. Obama is bringing in upward of 20,000 Syrian refugees. Most will be unveiled.

Obamacare is about to collapse.

We are TRILLIONS in debt and if Clinton gets in, we’ll be TRILLIONS more.

Think about this for a moment. The FEDS take upward of 35% in taxes. Then add 5% for Social Security. Now add another %10 for state and local taxes. The add up  your property taxes at another 2%. What’s left for you as the Government is taking over 50% of our income. Isn’t this what our founders fought for? Taxation without representation????

If Clinton gets in she will raise our taxes. Period.

Do you really enjoy working half a year for free? Do you want to see abortion-on-demand?

Do you want to see more foreign workers taking American jobs?

Do you want to see more of the ongoing Islamization of our country with the building of mosques in every city? Bill Clinton suggested we re-populate Detroit with Syrain refugees. Bubba is Clueless.

We have one shot to correct the mess we’re in and it’s Donald J. Trump. Get out and vote!

Amazing how Obama gets a pass on everything he does. This video surfaced yesterday and I’m posting it here. It shows Obama flaunting his “erection” to flight attendants. Of course the media just goes along with everything he does. He’s untouchable.

Trump says something 11 years ago and it’s blasted all over creation. It’s a double standard. Our media is duplicitous and in the tank with the globalist agenda.