My Take on the Debate!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I watched the debated last night, along with what was probably a record crowd in TV history. I must admit I had butterflies, as I was nervous for The Donald.

Hillary is a carrier politician. She’s seasoned, shrewd, calculating, and is a master in this kind of forum. Trump was on the defensive for most of the night. He made some good points but he let, what could have been historic, unsaid.

He didn’t press Hillary on her emails. When he did mention them the crowd, who was supposed to remain silent, cheered. Had he gone after her with the email scandal he would have come out on top.

This was Trump’s first debate. Hillary has participated in over 30 of  these. She clearly has the advantage. She got inside Trump’s head very early on and stayed there. However, Hillary’s condescending smile and her eyeball rolls at Trump’s  answers will not play well with most Americans.

Who does she think she is anyway? I couldn’t stand it.

Then there was the so-called neutral debate monitor, Lester Holt who was anything but neutral. The guy was all over Trump for most of the night. This gave Hillary a clear advantage. It’s always good when the debate monitor is on your side.

Holt interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary only 7. You think the system is rigged and Trump can’t get a fair shake? You bet.

Trump appeared presidential though and I thought he did incredibly well for someone who is not a politician. However, there are two more debates and he must hone his skills in order to cement a victory over Hillary.

Hillary has no business even standing on the platform and Trump knows this all to well. He must attack her and hold her accountable  on Ben Ghazi, her 30,000 plus deleted emails and her failure to do anything note worthy while she was Secretary of State, not to mention the scandalous Clinton Foundation.

Trump’s crowning achievement was when he stated that Hillary had been in Washington  for 30 years, so why didn’t she do any of things she’s talking about now. It was a pithy statement and one that he needs to repeat, as I believe it will cause the lightbulb to go off in many voters who are on the side-lines.

In closing todays update. If Hillary wins the White House, there will be higher taxes, liberal supreme court judges, mass immigration, abortion on demand everywhere, and essentially she will cement the last disastrous 8 years of the O’Bummer administration.

Trump is our only hope to move America in another direction. He’s not god and won’t be able to correct everything that’s wrong, but on the other hand, he’s not the same-old-worn-out political hack spewing tired talking points.

So the bottom line for me is this. Trump is the challenger and I would state the debate was a draw. Charles Krauthammer stated after the debates were over, because Trump is the Challenger the debate  “win” goes to him. Bully for the Donald!