Basket of Deplorables – Part Deux

Commentary and Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

The recent statement by Hillary Clinton may have cost her the election. Here’s why.  The millions of Americans who work hard for a living aren’t stupid. Her remarks were so condescending and demeaning that there are already T-shirts being made that people are proudly wearing, letting the world know that they’re deplorable!  I stand with them!
Clinton is completely out of touch with  most Americans. When was the last time she actually pumped gas into her car, or driven a car for that matter? When was the last time she had to balance a check book? How about go to the grocery store and decide between two items because she can’t afford them both.
Xenophobic? Clinton and the Washington elites should spend a weekend in Nogales. They can experience, first-hand, the drug cartels, prostitution, kidnappings, and poverty. 
Of course these pampered, chauffeured elites, with Hillary leading the pack, should arrive without their body guards, and entourage to get the full effect of what life is like on the border.
Build that WALL Mr. TUMP!
Islamaphobic? Hillary should spend a few hours with the families of the victims who were gunned down in San Bernardino, or Orlando, or the Boston bombing. She can lecture them on why she’s going to allow millions more Moslems into our country and how that’s a good thing.
Homophobic? Why not go to any Calvary Chapel in the United States,  on a Sunday morning and ask to speak to the congregation and explain to them why gay marriage is a good thing?  Go ahead, tell us why the MAJORITY of Americans oppose gay marriage, are wrong.
Racist? Yes, millions of us are secretly racist and we don our white-hooded-wardrobe on the weekends and meet in wooded areas to burn crosses and keep the non-white races down. Really? How can she possible know the heart of another individual? She can’t, and thus this statement is jejune. (Look that up! LOL)
In closing todays post. Hillary Clinton is the worst sort of leader I can imagine. Out of touch with the common man or woman, puffed up, proud, haughty, full of demagoguery, and dangerous, as her tenure as Secretary of State proved.
All one needs to do is think of BenGhazi and the classic Wag-the-dog spin that was put forth by Obama and Clinton. She knew exactly what was going down and 4 Americans lost their lives because of it.
For those of you who aren’t going to vote because Trump isn’t your brand of Christian Candidate. May I remind you that ” W.” was supposed to be a Christian and look what he gave us, endless war and trillions of debt.
This is our last chance to take back our country. Vote for Donald, or embrace liberal supreme court justices, who will take the country further to the left, mass immigration with people from the Middle East, higher taxes, bigger government and in short the death-knell of America.