Sunday Go to Meeting Bun… 9-11


Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Building 7 0a367
This will be a different Bun.  Perhaps a Bun that most of you won’t want to read.
A Bun that doesn’t point to scripture but perhaps points to how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone and maybe this is an indicator that these are the last days and they are coming to a close.
We are now 15 years after the events of 911. It changed our country forever. We are searched at airports without a warrant. We have the constant threat of another terrorist attack that can happen anywhere and at anytime, thanks to our porous borders and this administration allowing muslims who have not been vetted into the country.
Think about San Bernadino, and the Orlando killings. I will state here, that we will see another “terrorist” attack soon.
3000 people lost their lives on 911. That seems to be indisputable. The problem is this. Building 7, which you see above, falling in real-time at free-fall speed, defies the explanations that we were told by our government.
Watch the way it collapses. Doesn’t it look like demolition to you? How does a building collapse like this without planned-demolition of some sort. We all know the party-line and I swallowed the Kool-Aid and the official dialogue like most Americans. However, I would put to you that we have been sold a lie, a carefully crafted story that is far from the real events of that day.
The problem is Congress isn’t going to investigate the events of that day, in spite of over 1500 architects and engineers that have coalesced and petitioned for this. Why is that? Why wouldn’t our elected official deem this an important task? Why do the years go by and nothing is done? Why is it that our government doesn’t investigate what architects and engineers are saying? Like the Kennedy assassination, nothing is done, no investigation goes forward, the facts are buried and obfuscated and the official version is promulgated… endlessly.
The status quo will continue and most Americans will remain asleep, happily wallowing in cognitive-dissonance-land, unable to grasp the all-to-real fact that Hitler and those who brought him to power, burned the Reichstag.
Are we really so gullible to think that it can’t happen here? Are we so stupid and as our president called us while in Laos, lazy that we don’t rail against the deception which seems to be all around us?
In closing todays Bun. Building 7, is the key to unlocking the events of 911. Steel buildings do not collapse at free-fall speed due to a fire.
Let’s suppose for a moment that there is a conspiracy. If we go into that shadow-land we begin to ask hard questions. Who had the means and the power to bring the towers down and for what purpose?
If planes and fires weren’t responsible, was there some weapon used that the American people don’t know about?
If there is a shadow government, with a hidden agenda, is it part of the military-industrial complex?
Two wars were fought as a direct result of the events of 911. We’re still in Afghanistan after 15 years of war with no end in sight. Iraq and the entire Middle East is in complete disarray. This is all in the aftermath of the events of 911.
If 911 had never happened I would strongly suggest we would be a much different world today…