L.A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!

L A. Marzulli will appear tomorrow afternoon at The Space! My Only Southern California Appearance in 2016.

The Space · 624 S. Pacific Ave · San Pedro, CA 90731 · USA


What’s really going on with aliens?  Welcome to your private briefing.  Every Sunday in September, and well into October as well, a star of one of the shows that you’ve seen on TV such as “UFO Hunters”, “Ancient Aliens”, “Unsealed – Alien Files”, and more, will come to The Space on Pacific to give you a private briefing in an intimate setting, where they will present to you evidence and information you’ll never see in the mainstream media about what’s really going on with aliens.  These people usually speak in front of huge crowds and nobody gets to asking questions or hangout with them.  But not here.  You are part of an elite crowd receiving a… private briefing.

Each event will include a dazzling lecture and a rare film presentation.  Refreshments will be served.  In most cases there are two shows today at 3 p.m. and 7 PM.  Purchase all four shows and receive a discount.  We welcome skeptics, believers and the curious. And you know you’re curious…  Come on,  it’s the biggest question facing humanity. Are we alone?  Hear firsthand what the top luminaries of the field have to say.

September 4 – LA Marzulli – 3 PM


Meet the legendary LA Marzulli in person.  LA is the creator of the best-selling Watchers series of DVDs.  He has also been featured on numerous television series.

He will showcase his new film exclusively for you, and share information with you that will change your way of looking at history and our world today.


For years, there has been an on-going effort to get samples to perform DNA testing on the Peruvian skulls and other organic creatures. Bureaucratic red tape, the TSA, and other roadblocks have prevented it. But now, after decades of being hidden in a box in Oregon, a huge Peruvian skull is found — one that has been in the U.S. for so long it became available for DNA testing. Along with this, the red hairs from the baby mummy (WATCHERS 8) and three other skulls were tested. The origins of the elongated-skull people are finally known scientifically.

Two military men step up to tell their stories of giants in Afghanistan. Apparently this is a well-known phenomenon by the locals who tell stories of cannibalism and frightening encounters. When some troops didn’t report in at their designated rally point, contract operators were sent in to find them. The carnage they found was something no one expected. Special guest George Noory (Coast to Coast AM) describes a show in 2008 with Steve Quayle where an Air Force pilot said he flew a giant out of Kandahar. This is the rest of the story that hasn’t been told.

Jaime Maussan shows L.A. Marzulli a winged creature that he has kept confidential for years. Is it real or a masterful fake? Then, L.A. takes us to the Island of Catalina where giants were found near the turn of the 20th Century. Why does no one know?


3 PM Show – $20.00
Refreshments included




Fountain ot Life

Deception in the Desert B2-2

September 16-18: Fountain Of Life Church – Regina, Sask. Canada – Michael Pedersen, Pastor http://fountainoflife.church



L. A. Marzulli’s

Speaking Schedule 2016

January 15 -17: Reno Nevada appearance livingwaterssparkschurch.org I will be speaking Friday night and then two sessions on Saturday followed by a Q & A.  Sunday morning on Prophecy!

February 5: The Anchor – www.theanchoroceanside.com

February 19 – 22: Beit Tehila Congregation Topraise.net

March 18-20: Dallas Prophecy Watchmen Conference! http://www.hearthewatchmen.com

Remember to sign up for live streaming of Hear the Watchmen visit http://www.hearthewatchmen.com/#!live-stream-hear-the-watchmen/wdudm

April 1-3: Burnsville North Carolina


April 27 – 30 – Supernatural Crossroads Conference.  https://pxd.us/?p=1034

Supernatural Crossroads Conference 2016 Camby, Indiana

July 15-17 – Prophecy Watchers Conference.  https://prophecywatchers.com/product/rocky-mountain-international-prophecy-conference-registration/

September 4th: The Space! L.A.’s only Southern California Appearance this year! (See above)

September 16-18: Fountain Of Life Church – Regina, Sask. Canada – Michael Pedersen, Pastor http://fountainoflife.church

September 30 – October 2: Hear the Watchman Conference – Knoxville Tennessee. http://www.hearthewatchmen.com
October 21-23: Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference – With Russ Dizdar! Freedom Light Church –  www.freedomslightchurchofgod.org
October 28-30: Strategic Trends Conference w/ Chuck Missler! https://koinoniainstitute.org/conference/
November 4-6: Deception in the Desert!
L.A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers and does not necessarily endorse any unless specifically noted.