Politics – Trump – The Not-Supposed-To-BE-CANDIDATE!


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L. A. Marzulli

Trump has the elites nervous… very nervous. He has the Washington insiders running for cover. He is now leading in the polls by about 3 points over Hell-ery.
Bab’s Streisand has stated that she’ll move out of the country if Trump is elected. I wonder why? She lives in a gated community surrounded by a wall. I think she has more in common with Mr. Trump than she realizes. That wall is to keep people out and thus protecting you, isn’t it, Ms. Steisand? Hmmm.
The Elites had the election in the tank from 2013 onward. The election was supposed to be between the two main-stream political houses of Bush and Clinton. This is why Jeb was given upward of 150 million dollars. Bush failed and compared to Trump looked hapless and weak. He never rose to double digits in the primaries.
Clinton, on the other hand, is plagued by so many scandals it’s hard to even imagine that she’s allowed to run for office… but I digress.
Trump is the never-supposed-to-be-cadidtate. The elites considered him a comical addition to the election cycle. However, they underestimated Mr. Trump, as his message resonated with millions of Americans who are tired of the same worn-out talking points, big government and ever-increasing-taxes that are erasing the once strong middle class.
Trump was never supposed to be the Republican nominee. This is why there is a never-Trump movement. The professional political class are running scared and they should be as I believe Mr. Trump will expose the rotten underbelly of a corrupt Washington establishment.

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Then there is this article which has appeared on several sites.

A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election  http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-08-30/candidate-death-could-delay-or-eliminate-presidential-election

The article is chilling, if you ask me.
I travel all over the country speaking at conferences and churches and this affords me the opportunity of meeting may folks. There is an undercurrent from the people I talk to. They don’t trust the powers-that-be and have stated that they are afraid something will happen to Mr. Trump, either before the elections, or like JFK, they’ll gun Trump down in some city and blame a lone nut.
In closing todays post. Trump is acting presidential. He flew to Louisiana, while Obama played golf and Clinton was too tired to go.
Now, he’s flying to Mexico and meeting with the president! He’s outflanking Clinton and Obama.
He’s also stated from the get-go that on his first day in office illegals who have broken our laws will be deported. I love it!
For those so-called Christians who are on their high horses and stating they will never vote for Trump. May I suggest you hop off of them and come to the stark realization of a Clinton presidency. She will give us abortion on demand, millions of refugees coming to the country, higher taxes, bigger government, more regulations, and the now infamous, Clinton cronyism.
God help us if something happens to Mr. Trump, the not-supposed-to-be-candidate.  Bully for The Donald!