Prophecy – The Coming Psalm 83 War.

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Hossein Salami, said on Friday “more than 100,000 missiles are ready to fly from Lebanon,” according to Tasnim.

“Today, the grounds for the annihilation and collapse of the Zionist regime are [present] more than ever,” he declared, saying there are “tens of thousands of destructive long-range missiles” from Islamic territories aiming at all of “occupied” Israel.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
psalm-83-final-coverMy friend Bill Salus has been at the forefront of warning of the Psalm 83 war. If you haven’t read about it you can pick up a copy of The Psalm 83 book or his newest offering, The Now Prophecies at our bookstore and inform yourself of what is really taking place, in the middle east, in light of Biblical Prophecy.
This latest remark from Salami is yet another indication that absolutely nothing has changed with the ruling Mullah’s in Iran. They truly mean say what they mean and mean what they say.
100,000 rockets pointed at Israel means one thing, a very high death toll once war breaks out. Even with Iron Dome, which kept loss of life to a minimum in the last war with Gaza, Israel will not be able to destroy every rocket that’s launched against her.
In Watchers 9, Dan Gordon emphatically warned about this, as he came on the record, telling us of the growing danger Israel is now faced with.
Under the present Obama administration the mIddle east has descended into complete chaos. Please remember who was our secretary of state during most of the 7.5 years under Obama, Hilary Clinton.
However, it was Obama who made, what I predict will become remembered as a blunder, of historic proportions, when he made a deal with the Iranians which as the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, has pointed out numerous times, is a disaster.
Nothing has changed with the ruling faction—the Mullahs—in Iran except that sanctions were lifted and we gave them billions of dollars. Yet, the same rhetoric of Jew hatred and warning of the annihilation of Israel remains firmly in place.
In closing todays post. The present political landscape that we see in the mIddle east is because of supernatural events that have colored, shaped and molded the ruling body politic.
In other words the vitriol and endless vituperative remarks from men like Salami, and Rhouhani are rooted in their religion beliefs which define Jews as the descendants of pigs and apes. That ideology is not going to change and thus, the children born into these countries are indoctrinated and the hate continues.
War is coming to the middle east and it is most likely the Psalm 83 war. What the Iranians should consider is that this war will end badly for them. I would posit that at some point Israel will act and cut the heads off the vipers that surround her and pose an existential threat to her.


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