Happy 4th! Freedom isn’t Free.

This video is very telling. It’s why I’m voting for him. Trump gets it and he’s been calling out the financial mess we’re in for decades!


Hillary should be indicted! Watch the Judge.

Nephilim Hybrids PLUS 1yr. PP&S

TNephilim Hybrids


DNA RESULTS From the Paracas Skulls and the Oregon Skull that we tested in a private collection!
A Winged Creature that seems to be real and not a hoax!
The Catalina Island Cover up of the picture of a 9 foot skeleton that I exposed!
The GIANT Lovelock CAVE handprint, that someone “erased”!
The Mysterious Ghost wolf caught on a game trail camera!
Startling revelations of the Serpent Mound in Ohio which tie back to  The Seed of the Serpent!
Steve Quayle was right! The AFGHAN Giant was/is real. First hand account from one of the shooters who came face to face with the giant.

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