PPS Report! The Georgia Guidestone!

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Georgia Guide Stones

I have been studying the enigmatic Georgia Guide Stones and was intrigued by them from the first time I head about them, well over a decade ago.
Last year I got the chance to visit them and I’m glad I did.
We shot film there on a very blustery day with dark thunder clouds threatening rain at any moment.
Like I have stated before there’s nothing like actually going to a site and getting the feel for the lay of the land.
The Georgia Guidstones are in the town of Elberton. The site itself is located on the highest piece of land in the county.
When I first saw film of the Guidestones I imagined a much larger place, the same way I imagined Deally Plaza, in Dallas would look.
Neither place reflected what my imagination conjured. Deally Plaza was compact and small and so was the site of the guidestones.
The site is now under 24 hour security-camera surveillance as vandals have spray painted over the stones resulting in security camera’s being placed on telephone poles which survey the site.
There are also reports of strange “rituals” that have been done on the site as well.
Large granite stones have been erected on the site, reminiscent of Stone Henge as the stones rise from the ground some 14 feet and are out-of-place with the natural farmland which surrounds them.
Carved into the granite is a message in several languages, including English, SpanishSwahiliSanskrit , HebrewArabicChinese, and Russian.
One of them imparticular caught my eye when I visited the site.
Here’s some of the footage from that windy day.

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