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According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, Hillary may be in really big trouble. There is a grand jury that has convened to hear evidence and an indictment may follow soon. The question is who will be indicted? Of course all the evidence points to Hillary.

If Hillary Clinton is indicted it most likely will derail her chances for the Presidency. At this moment, in a national election, Hillary would win against Trump and Cruz but according to polls would lose to Kasich.

Of course if she is indicted on Federal charges it would doom her run for the White House.

The Clinton’s are about as close as we get to royalty in the United States. Think about it. Why does Chelsea Clinton go to the head of the class? What has she accomplished that media fawns over her? Recently she made a statement about gun control referring to the death of Justice Scalia. Now that he’s out-of-the-way we can get gun control. This of course is dangerous thinking and attacks our second amendment rights.

Back to Hilary.

If Hillary skates and somehow wiggles her way out of an indictment, perhaps with a pardon by Obama, a Clinton presidency will forever change this country and in my opinion, not for the better. She has already stated that she will raise taxes by a TRILLION dollars. Say goodbye to any chance of saving for retirement as under a Clinton Presidency what little money we get to keep will be taken from us.

Hillary is a 60’s radical and, in her world, an unborn child has no rights until it is born. Hilary seems to be fine with killing the unborn child up until the moment it is delivered. Essentially if she is elected we will have another 4 years of Obama but perhaps even more liberal.

The country is deeply divided, and the division gets wider daily. Millions of Americans are fed up with big government, high taxes, illegal aliens coming across our borders, endless wars and out-of-control spending in Washington.

If Hillary is indicted the Democrats would be scrambling to find another candidate, as I’m certain they would not rally behind Bernie Sanders.

In closing todays post. We live by the rule of law and if Hillary broke the law she should be accountable. Did she move classified state secrets to her private email? If so, what if any were the repercussions? Did classified secrets get out to our enemies, like the North Koreans? It will be interesting to follow the developments in the coming weeks.